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It's 1437 in the Islamic calendar, but their year is only 354 days long — meaning the Islamic year will eventually match our year on exactly May 1, 20874 AD

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This upcoming weekend two major holidays from Islam and Judaism (Yom Kippur & Eid al-Adha) will coincide in a rare synchrony of the calendars — one is about fasting and the other is about feasting

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  1. China used to utilize astrological elements of the Islamic calendar and called it Huihui Lifa

  2. The Islamic Calendar begins each month with the first Crescent Moon following the New Moon, known as the Hilal

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islamic calendar fact data chart about The month of Ramadan in the lunar Islamic calendar falls abo
The month of Ramadan in the lunar Islamic calendar falls about 10 days earlier each year of the solar based Gregorian calendar. The number of daylight hours observant Muslims fast

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