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The year 46 BC was 445 days long because of changes to the calendar

At times Romans would flood the entire Colosseum with water and have ship battles for fun. This was originated by Julius Caesar in 46 BC on ocassion of his quadruple triumph

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  1. In the Roman Empire, the year 46 BC was made 445 days long to realign the start of the calendar year. This year is referred to as annus confusionis ultimus: the last year of confusion.

  2. In order to implement the new Julian calendar, two months were added to the year 46 BC, making it 445 days long. It was nicknamed the "year of confusion."

  3. This painting of Cleopatra VII of Egypt, from the House of Marcus Fabius Rufus in Pompeii, dated 46 BC, wasn't discovered or excavated until the 1950s, and wasn't identified until much later

  4. Hannibal of Carthage crossed the Alps into Italy during the winter of 218 BC with 46,000 troops and 37 elephants. He lost half his men, but went on to crush the Romans in Italy after countless successive battles undefeated for 16 years.

  5. The year 46 BC in the Roman calendar had 445 days

  6. In 46 BC Julius Caesar reformed the Roman calendar so 1 January would be the start of the new Julian calendar.

  7. Naumanchias, which were naval battles staged in a flooded Colosseum by the Romans. The first occurred in 46 BC to celebrate Julius Caesar’s victories and one of the largest demonstrations transpired on Lake Fucino in 52 AD, requiring over 100 ships and 19,000 men.

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