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In 1752, in England and Wales, people went to bed on the 2nd of September and woke up on the 14th of September. Skipping 11 days entirely because of the implementation of the Gregorian Calendar.

September 3, 1752 never existed (along with 9/4-9/13). This happened due to the adopted the Gregorian calendar and making up for a 11 minute per year miscalculation for the previous 1,300 years.

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  1. 11 days were removed from September 1752 calendar

  2. The day after September 2, 1752 was September 14, 1752 due the implementing of the Gregorian Calendar which was more accurate and accounted for Leap Year. We use this calendar today.

  3. In 1752 they shortened the month of September by 11 days.

  4. The dates September 2 through 13, 1752 never happened in the British Empire because it adopted the Gregorian calendar that was 11 days ahead.

  5. In 1752, the September month of the calendar was advanced by 11 days in England: 2nd Sept was followed by 14th Sept

  6. In the British Empire, in 1752, the day after Wednesday, September 2nd, was Thursday, September 14th.

  7. 11 days were skipped in September, 1752, when Britain and its colonies adopted the Gregorian Calendar to replace the Julian Calendar, which was off by 11 minutes a year.

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In the UK / North America in 1752, September 3-13 were skipped, due to the adoption of the Gregorian Calendar

September 3rd - 13th 1752 does not exist in England. When the British Empire adopted the Gregorian calendar, replacing the Julian calendar, the days were removed to correct the change. The same thing happened in October 4th - 14th 1582. - source

In 1752 the British government instituted a calendar reform which required that September 2 of that year be dated September 14, with the result that many people imagined that eleven days had been taken off their lives, and rushed to Westminster screaming, "Give us back our eleven days!" - source

September of 1752 was 11 days shorter in the English Colonies, skipping from the 2nd to the 14th, after changing over to the Gregorian Calendar which was used by the rest of the world, and is what we use today.

In certain countries some dates do not exist due to calendar reform. The UK, in particular, lost 3rd - 13th September in 1752 due to the adoption of Europe's Gregorian calendars. This is why UK's tax year starts 6th April - 25th March (Feast of the Annunciation) plus the eleven "lost" days. - source

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