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Almon Brown Strowger noticed he was losing business because a competitor would have his wife, a telephone operator redirect calls asking for Strowger to his business. Strowger later invented the automatic telephone exchange which eliminated the need for operators.

how did the invention of the telegraph and telephone revolutionize communications?

AT&T's Bell Labs invented the message machine in the 1930s. However, it was hidden by AT&T from the public until the 1990s for fear that 'voice mail' would end the need for the telephone

What is the connection between the invention of the telephone and the creation of the internet?

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what events led to the invention of the telephone?

  1. The word Hello only began being used as a greeting when the telephone was invented, credited as a suggestion by Thomas Edison to be used when answering the phone. Alexander Graham Bell, his competitor, preferred Ahoy.

  2. Mr Burns telephone greeting in The Simpsons, 'Ah-Hoy!' was actually how Alexander Graham Bell thought people should answer the telephone when he invented it.

  3. Alexander Bell never called his wife or his mother after inventing the telephone because they were both deaf

  4. 90 years before the invention of the modern wireless telephone, Alexander Graham Bell invented a device that could transmit speech using sunlight.

  5. The fax machine was invented 33 years before the telephone and only 6-8 years after the telegraph

  6. When telephones first came into commercial use you had to whistle loudly into the receiver to get the other person's attention, as telephone bells hadn't been invented yet.

  7. The idea of direct-dialing a telephone number was invented by an undertaker who suspected the local switchboard operator was routing business to a competitor. Unable to prove the accusation, he decided to automate away the job of operator.

  8. The telephone was actually invented by an Italian inventor named Antonio Meucci, not Alexander Graham Bell. Meucci fell on hard times. His caveat, an intention to patent, expired. Bell, who was linked to Meucci's missing prototypes, filed for a patent on a nearly identical design that day.

  9. The word "hello" was only first published in 1827, and was used as a greeting following the invention of the telephone, after beating out Alexander Graham Bell's preferred greeting, "ahoy"

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What led to the invention of the telephone?

Why is the telephone the greatest invention?

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The fax machine was invented before the telephone

In 1956, Bell Telephone Company (AT&T) was allowed to monopolize the telecom industry. As a tradeoff, Bell had to license all patents royalty-free. These included key 20th century inventions such as transistors, solar cells, lasers, cellular tech, comm satellites, the Unix OS, and C language. - source

His efforts that led to the invention of the telephone as it is known today were actually intended to be a device for the hearing impaired.

Alexander Graham Bell at one point built a working device for recording sound out of a human ear. Shouting into the ear produced sound waves recorded on paper. He credited this invention with inspiring the telephone.

Berliner became interested in audio technology and invented an improved telephone transmitter which he patented.

When was the invention of the telephone?

Antonio Meucci filed the first patent for the telephone in 1871. However electromagnetic transmission of vocal sound was not mentioned in his patent caveat. It was Alexander Graham Bell, in 1876, who patented the telephone. There is strong evidence that Meucci invented the telephone

How did the invention of the telephone impact society?

The headphone jack we use today was invented back in the 19th century. The larger version of the phone connector was invented for use in telephone switchboards in 1878.

Although Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, he refused to keep one in his study. He feared it would distract him from his work

The Centennial Exhibition in 1876 was attended by 5% of the US population and featured new inventions like the telephone, Heinz ketchup, and root beer. Bananas were introduced and sold for what would be $1.75/banana in today’s money.

In 1877-78 he invented the carbon microphone that remained in use in telephones until the 1980s.

Berliner was awarded nine U.S patents for his inventions which included telephone induction coils, microphones, and horizontal recording devices.

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The origin of the word "Hello" only dates back to 1827, and it wasn't even used as a greeting, but a means of attracting attention, and didn't become the same as "hi" until the invention of the telephone

Alexander Graham Bell is credited with the invention of the telephone, however, largely due to the fact that Meucci's patent application does not mention anything to do with electromagnetic transmission.

The first commercial fax was sent in 1865. Before the invention of the telephone.

When Al Gross had effectively invented the first telephone pager system his intention for this system was to be used by medical doctors, but was met with skepticism by doctors who were afraid the system would upset patients and interrupt them during golf.

The word "hello" was not widely used in English until after the invention of the telephone, when it became the standard greeting. Alexander Graham Bell had hoped people would use "Ahoy" instead but it never caught on.

How did the invention of the telephone change society?

The earliest known prank phone calls were placed in 1884, only 8 years after the telephone was invented. A series of calls were placed to undertakers in Rhode Island, summoning them to bring freezers, candlesticks and coffins for people alleged to be dead (who were very much still alive).

Over 100 years before modern music streaming services were invented, Thaddeus Cahill introduced the first 24-hour "music through your telephone" service called the Telharmonium

Alexander Graham Bell, known for inventing the telephone, also bred sheep with extra nipples.

The word "hello" wasn't really used as a greeting until the invention of the telephones when Thomas Edison expressed his surprise when answering the phone with a misheard "hullo".

Alexander Graham Bell, famous for inventing the telephone, can be linked back as a founder of the mobile provider giant AT&T

Antonio Meucci invented the telephone in 1860 but had not enough money to renew its patent

The fax machine was invented in 1842, and by 1861 could send handwritten messages and photographs. That's about 15 years before the first successful telephone transmission.

The first commercial fax service was introduced 11 years before the invention of the telephone

In the 1920's a device called a "Hush-A-Phone" was invented, It decreased the volume of candlestick phones to increase privacy, But it caused a legal battle because AT&T said " "forbid attachment to the telephone of any device 'not furnished by the telephone company.'"

Before the invention of the telephone, "hello" was rarely used as a greeting.

The U.S. government has acknowledged that Alexander Graham Bell did not invent the telephone; Italian inventor Antonio Meucci was the first to invent the device but couldn't afford to renew the patent due to financial hardship and a lack of English skills.

AT&T:s founder is Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the telephone.

Alexander Graham Bell, telephone inventor, also invented the dictation machine and founded Dictaphone

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