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In 2011, the United Nations declared that access to the Internet is a basic human right.

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France had a "proto-internet" called Minitel, to which half the population had access. It allowed for buying plane tickets, shopping, 24-hr news, message boards & adult chat services. It was used to coordinate a national strike in 1986. Some believe it hindered the internet's adoption in France.

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  1. In 2011 a 75 year old Georgian woman cut off internet access to the whole of Armenia when she severed a single cable while digging with a shovel

  2. Take This Lollipop is an interactive film which accesses viewer's Facebook profile and locates the viewer's home from data in profile. It depicts the dangers in posting too much personal info on the Internet. Information gathered is then deleted which makes the film different for each viewer.

  3. A 75 year old Georgian woman accidentally cut off Internet access to all of Armenia while searching for copper wire.

  4. There is 3G cell service and internet capability at the peak of Mt. Everest, while only 9% of the Nepalese population has access to the Internet.

  5. Finland made internet access a legal right in 2010

  6. Only around 1000 people in North Korea have access to the real internet and computers are just straight up illegal unless you have specific government permission

  7. In 2010, Finland became the first country in the world to make Internet access a legal right.

  8. Prisoners in Belgium have a computer station with an headset and limited access to the internet in their cells. They can also order PPV films (including adult ones), "making the prison run more efficiently".

  9. Internet Service Providers pay about $0.40 USD per month to provide you with internet access.

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internet access fact data chart about Percent of Households Without Internet Access 2016
Percent of Households Without Internet Access 2016

internet access fact data chart about Percent of global population with internet access 2000–2016
Percent of global population with internet access 2000–2016

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Pirates stole internet cable and sold it as scrap causing most of Vietnam to get far slower internet access

In 2003 the Polynesian island country of Niue became the world's first "WiFi nation", offering free Internet access throughout the country. - source

Philadelphia, home of Comcast, has the second-lowest rate of broadband access (71.6%) of the US's 25 largest cities, and was the only large city to record a decrease in internet access (2.7%) between 2016 and 2017. - source

All internet access in Iraq is shut down for hours in May, to prevent sixth graders from cheating on an exam.

Mississippi has the highest percentage of citizens without internet. 41% of Mississippi has no internet access at all, and an additional 8.7% don't have any home internet. - source

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Nearly 4 billion people still lack internet access, 53.9% of the world's population

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The entire country of Armenia lost internet access for 12 hours after a woman in Georgia broke a fiber line with her shovel, In 2011

In 2006, workers accidentally pulled a fibre optic cable just outside Buckeye, AZ, with a backhoe. As a result, internet access for millions of Sprint users west of the Rockies was disrupted for 3 and a half hours.

In 2010, Finland became the first country in the world to make Internet access a legal right

There are approximately 75.8 million people in Brazil with internet access.

Internet is really scarce in Cuba and people gather at designated public places to access it

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internet access fact infographic about Top 20 Countries by Proportion of Population with Internet A

Top 20 Countries by Proportion of Population with Internet Access from 1990-2017

internet access fact infographic about When I go to work one of the devices that I leave at home ac

When I go to work one of the devices that I leave at home accesses the internet every 20 minutes

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In 2011 an elderly woman in Georgia cut off Internet access for 90% of Armenia while digging for scrap metal

The purpose of the Alliance is to make internet access more available to the third world.

The Government Accountability Office said that Internet Providers instituting data caps would result in negative effects, including increased prices, reductions in content accessed, increased threats to network security, and reduced innovation for applications and content.

In March 2014, the Indian government used an 'internet kill switch' to shut down all access in the state of Kashmir to prevent separatists from addressing a UN Human Rights Commission via videolink.

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10 Hasidic Schools that ban internet access, received over $9 million earmarked for computers and technology. Audits revealed classrooms outfitted with ethernet jacks, but no computers were found.

Antarctica already has an ordinary, civilian settlement complete with a school, hospital, post office, bank, and internet access.

Only 1.3% of population of the country of Eritrea have access to the internet

200,000 users signed up for AOL Dial-up internet access in 2011

The New York Times has a dark web news site to help make news available in countries where internet access is restricted or censored.

There is an ongoing internet-wide effort to transcribe documents in several different languages from 1914-18 in an effort to make them more widely accessible.

Internet Explorer tells web pages it is accessing that it is "Mozilla" because early web pages did not recognize IE as an authorized browser to give frames to but they did recognize Netscape (Mozilla). It was easier for Microsoft to impersonate Netscape than wait for web masters to catch up.

OneWeb, a satellite constellation which will provide broadband internet access to every inch of the Earth's surface, will become operational in 2019-2020.

Until 2014 less than 1 percent of people in Myanmar had internet access. Today, Facebook has become so popular as a news source that people use “internet” and “Facebook” interchangeably.

The company Loon provides internet access to remote areas by placing high-altitude balloons in the stratosphere to create an aerial wireless network with up to 4G-LTE speeds.

More than 60m Americans do not have access to broadband internet. That is 10m more than the population of South Korea and 20% of its population.

61% of the world still doesn't have internet access

Berners-Lee is leading the alliance and hopes to decrease internet access prices and so increase access for the poor.

Prisons in Iceland have private rooms equipped with flat-screen TVs for each prisoner + they can keep their cell phones with internet access. And Iceland has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

John's Phone" is known as the "world's most basic cell phone", allowing the user only to make and receive calls with none of the features of modern smartphones such as a camera, Internet access and text messaging. It is marketed as being ideal for children, the elderly, and technophobes

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