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Male kangaroos flex their biceps to impress females

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Male kangaroos flex their biceps to impress female kangaroos for mating purposes.

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  1. The sound most of us have associated with Bald Eagles our entire lives is actually a Red tailed Hawk, because the Eagles cry is much less impressive. Also, most of the Bald Eagle's we see pictured are females because they are much larger than the males of the species.

  2. The male jumping spider goes through an incredible ritual of dancing, vibratory singing and other bizarre motions to attract a female. If the female is not impressed, she eats them.

  3. Male river dolphins lift rocks and sticks out of the water to impress females

  4. Male starts mating ritual in a frozen posture. He will then try to catch the attention of a female and impress her by exposing his beautiful breasts, colorful head, tail feathers and inner part of the mouth (which is light green in color).

  5. Males gather in large groups, called leks, to display their beautiful feathers and attract females. There are two types of males: resident and satellite males. Resident males occupy certain territory and display their plumage to impress females. Smaller males with light-colored ruffs are known as satellite males. They lack territories, so they attempt to mate with females that approach territories of resident males, risking injuries from owners of a territory. Resident males tolerate satellite males because they also attract some of the females to the breeding areas.

  6. Throat and chin of male mudskippers become golden colored during the breeding season. Males perform push-ups and jump high in the air and expose their dorsal fins before they return into the water to impress females.

  7. Mating season of little penguins starts at June (or August in some areas). Males perform complex mating rituals to impress females.

  8. Booming Ben, the last of the extinct Health Hen species, was last heard of drumming his noise to attract a mate. "With no females left to impress and no other males to compete against, however, Ben remained silent"

  9. During mating season, breeding groups composed of around 150 animals will be created. These groups are further divided in several smaller groups, where the most dominant male performs different kind of antics to impress the females.

  10. Male hippos fling their poo by twirling their tails in order to impress females and mark their territory.

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Male peacock spiders use complex movement, vibrations, and color to win the ladies over, a new study confirms. But the females are not easily impressed by males' disco dance

Rough-skinned newts breed in the water. Large number of males wrestle around female to impress her. Female chooses and mates with only one male.

Males twist and turn in the air while they fly up and down, to impress females. This aerial dance is known as "the roller coaster".

The male Peacock Spider has to dance to impress the female Peacock Spider. If she doesn't like the dance, she could eat him.

The Australian Flying Spider doesn't use its wings to fly but to impress females like a peacock. [Caution: Tiny cute spider. Yes, really tiny and cute.] - source

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Male hippos spin their tails while pooping in order to impress females

Cockatoo birds and humans are the only animals that use tools to make music. Cockatoos do it to impress females.

Most dinosaurs actually didn't have leather like skin, they actually had feathers with a wide range of colours to impress females. (5:31 - 6:31)

Male widowbirds try to impress females by jumping as high and as long as they can.

In vet school that male goats will urinate on their beards to impress females

In order to impress females, male kangaroos flex their biceps.

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Meowth (Team Rocket) is the only talking pokemon, and he taught himself to speak and walk upright to impress a female Meowth who rejected him because she preferred humans.

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