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Well known musicians and keytar players include or have included Imogen Heap, Jean Michel Jarre, Howard Jones, Keith Emmerson, Peter Gabriel, Prince, Todd Rundgren, Weird Al Yankovic, John Tesh, and Devo.

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The “mmm whatcha say” music used in both the 2007 SNL skit “The Shooting AKA Dear Sister” and in memes across the internet isn’t actually from Jason Derulo’s song “Whatcha Say”, but really from Imogen Heap’s 2005 song “Hide and Seek”.

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  1. Imogen Heap and Ryan Tedder (One Republic) were some of the composers for Taylor Swift's 1989 album

  2. The Version of Holding Out For A Hero used in the credits of Shrek 2 is sung by Imogen Heap

  3. Imogen Heap teamed up with engineers to develop "Musical Gloves" that she used to create the song, "Me the Machine".

  4. Imogen Heap is the composer for the upcoming stage play "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child"

  5. Around Xmas 2010, a collective of musicians under the name of "Cage against the Machine" including Orbital and singer Imogen Heap, met to perform a cover of Jon Cage's Song 4'33", a silent song, in the attempt to beat X-Factor's No.1 Xmas hit.

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