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A WW1 homing pigeon saved 194 men by continuing her flight after losing a leg, an eye and having been shot through the chest.

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A homing pigeon called Cher Ami that saved close to 200 lives during WW1 by delivering a message. The pigeon was shot through the breast, blinded in one eye and had its leg hanging only by a tendon upon arriving with the message.

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  1. A Homing Pigeon named Cher Ami received the Croix de Guerre for saving about 200 men in WW1. She delivered a message even thought she was shot, missing an eye and and with a leg hanging only by a tendon.

  2. A homing pigeon called Cher Ami that saved the lives of 194 soldiers during WW1 by transporting a message. The pigeon was shot through the chest, blinded in one eye and had its leg hanging by a tendon upon arriving with the message.

  3. A man "walking oddly" in Baltimore in 1989 was stopped by police. He was found to have 21 live homing pigeons stuffed in his trousers.

  4. Carrier pigeons only know how to fly back to their home base. The infrastructure that supported this messaging system required regular deliveries of birds between cities and regular release of the birds so they did not imprint on a new location.

  5. The skeleton of a carrier pigeon was found inside a home chimney in Bletchingley. An encrypted message was found in the canister bound to it's leg. It has not been deciphered yet.

  6. Homing pigeons are often mistakenly called carrier pigeons. In fact, they are two different breeds of pigeons. The carrier pigeon was bred for its beauty and the homing pigeon, for its speed and ability to always return home

  7. In 1997 tens of thousands of pigeons went missing during a race from France to England. Five years later one of the pigeons finally made it home.

  8. Cher Ami, a World War I homing pigeon who saved the lives of 194 soldiers by delivering a plea for help despite being shot through the breast, blinded in one eye, and having a leg hanging only by a tendon. She was awarded the Croix de Guerre Medal and a small wooden leg for her service.

  9. 16,000 homing pigeons were parachuted into France on D Day, with the intention that anyone who found them could send valuable information back to Britain. Only 1,800 made it back, and the remainder either perished unfound in their containers, or fell victim to nazi hawks stationed along the coas

  10. Carrier pigeons only carry messages one way, to their home.

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A South African company town passed a law to shoot all pigeons on sight after the company found out their workers were using homing pigeons to smuggle diamonds

'Stumpy' John Silver, a WW1 homing pigeon in France whose stuffed body is on display at the USAF museum. The bird was injured and lost its leg when a shell exploded nearby. It flew on for 25 minutes and the message tube was delivered, hanging from the remaining ligaments of the torn leg. - source

The Internet Protocol (IP) specifies IPoAC, packet transportation by homing pigeons. It has been sucessfully implemented with a ping of 3.2 Million ms and 56% packet loss - source

The "death spiral" occurs when pilots can only sense a plane descending but not that it is turning, causing them to spiral downwards to their death. It even affects homing pigeons, which, when thrown out of airplanes blindfolded, will spiral helplessly to the ground.

A pigeon named Winkie who helped rescue the crew of a British plane which had been shot down during WW2. The crew, struggling in freezing waters, released the bird hoping she would fly 120 miles home alerting others to their predicament. She did. Winkie received a medal for her heroism. - source

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Homing pigeons finds the way to their destination faster the more polluted the air is

How homing pigeons navigate?

Some of the earliest examples of aerial photography were taken by pigeons with cameras and mechanical timers strapped onto them. The pigeons would be released and let to fly free. When the pigeon was tired it would return home and the photo would be retrieved.

As a joke, an internet protocol called IoAC (Internet over Avian Carriers) has been officially created and tested. It uses homing pigeons to transport data packets, with huge latency but great throughput.

In WWII, homing pigeons were carried on B-17 bombers, at heights up to 35,000 ft., so that if the plane was going down, the crew could release the bird (at speeds of up to ~400mph) in order to inform their superiors of their approximate location.

Olga of Kiev. After the death of her husband by Drevlians, she got revenge by burying negotiators alive, burned their best in a bathhouse, killed 5K drunk soldiers & asked pigeons from each citizen, in which she placed sulfur on and released them, causing them to fly home and burn the town.

In 2009 a homing pigeon beat a South African ISP in delivering 4g of data over 80km

It is hypothesized that when homing pigeons?

How Pigeon Post worked. The pigeons were transported to a destination in cages, where they would be attached with messages, then naturally the pigeon would fly back to its home where the owner could read their mail. In the military, these pigeons were reffered to as "War Pigeons"

Homing pigeons really can sense Earth's magnetic field. An investigation of their ability to detect different magnetic fields shows that their impressive navigation skills almost certainly relies on tiny magnetic particles in their beaks.

The actress who plays the Pigeon Lady in Home Alone 2 is an Academy Award winner

In the early 1900s pigeons were used to take aerial photographs for aerial recognition. A homing pigeon was fitted with an aluminium breast harness to which a lightweight time-delayed miniature camera could be attached.

Over 100,000 homing pigeons were used during WW1

How homing pigeons find home?

The way homing pigeons navigate is still a mystery, but if they are close to home they sometimes just follow a road or fence.

Messenger pigeons remember or mentally mark one location or "home" and the always fly back there. So to send a message via pigeon the sender must use the receiver's pigeon.

Homing pigeons are only trained to go one place, their home

In WWII the British dropped homing pigeons into German-occupied territory to gather intelligence through questionnaires

About a WW1 homing pigeon that saved 194 men by still flying after losing a leg, an eye and having been shot through the chest

The birds used in dove release ceremonies are actually white homing pigeons as real doves rarely survive in the wild

In 2009, a South African IT company found that a homing pigeon armed with a flash drive transferred 4 gigs of data faster than the country's leading ISP. The bird flew 50 miles in 1 hour and 8 minutes while Telkom was only able to transfer 4% of the data in the same time frame.

The original G.I. Joe was an American homing pigeon in WWI who flew 20 miles in 20 minutes, delivering a message to Allied headquarters that British troops had taken an Italian town that the Allies were to bomb, thus saving the lives of up to 1,000 men.

The white doves used in wedding ceremonies are actually homing pigeons which fly back to their owners after being released, allowing the same "doves" to be used perpetually.

A Homing Pigeon flew 25 miles to save 200 Americans despite having been shot through the breast, blinded in one eye, covered in blood and with a leg hanging only by a tendon

The pigeon lady presented Joe Pesci his oscar a full year before they starred together in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

When white doves are released at ceremonies, they're not doves as most people think, but actually trained homing pigeons that return home immediately.

Actress Brenda Fricker, who played the pigeon lady in Home Alone 2, presented Joe Pesci with his "Best Actor in a Supporting Role" award for Goodfellas at the 1991 Academy Awards.

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