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In Taiwan, funeral strippers are sometimes hired to remove their clothing during a funeral. The purpose of the strippers is not only to attract mourners but to "appease wandering spirits" as well as give the deceased "one last hurrah".

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In rural China, strippers are sometimes hired to perform at funerals

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  1. There are funeral strippers, who are hired to strip at funerals.

  2. People in Taiwan hire strippers for funerals

  3. During a video game tournament for Counter Strike, the organizers hired strippers to try and distract the players. Surprisingly, it did not work.

  4. The Chinese Ministry of Culture plans to work closely with police to eliminate the hiring of "funeral strippers", which are hired with the goal of drawing more mourners.

  5. Some Chinese and Taiwanese people hire strippers to perform at their funeral.

  6. Strippers, dancing on what are known as "Electric Flower Cars," are often hired for Taiwanese funerals

  7. In China people hire strippers to attract mourners to funerals

  8. Strippers are hired to entertain spirits at some Taiwanese funerals. The girls work on specially designed trucks equipped with light and sound equipment that can become a stage that takes the show to the funerals.

  9. In Taiwan, the mafia introduced the practice of hiring strippers on trucks for funerals. Their selling point was that the strippers were "gifts to lower gods who still enjoyed womanising."

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