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China's past presidents all failed to fully master the official language of Putonghua, which literally means "common speak." China's original reformist leader, Deng Xiaoping, spoke with a thick Sichuanese dialect that some found difficult to follow

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Thanks to Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping, the John Denver song 'Take Me Home, Country Roads' was very popular in China, and to date is among the most well known Western songs throughout the country.

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  1. A book containing what is believed to be diary entries of Chinese premier Li Peng was leaked online in 2010 and published in the US. It was said that none of the Chinese leaders, including Li and Deng Xiaoping, "wanted to be viewed as butchers. They were embarrassed about the massacre"

  2. Obsessed with modernization and technology, Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping opened trade relations with the West, which lifted hundreds of millions of his countrymen out of poverty. At the same time he answered to his authoritarian roots, when he ordered the crackdown in 1989 at Tiananmen Square

  3. Although Deng Xiaoping, the man responsible for China's economic reform, was its paramount leader, he never held office as the President, Premier (Government head) or General Secretary (Communist Party leader). However, he was in charge of the Chinese Military.

  4. In mainland China today, no communist leaders such as Mao Zedong or Deng Xiaoping have any streets or roads named after them. Sun Zhongshan (also known as Sun Yat-sen), seen as the "Father of Modern China", is the only modern politician commemorated in road or street names.

  5. In the late 1980s, the leaders of three majority Han Chinese countries (Deng Xiaoping-PRC, Lee Teng-hui-ROC, Lee Kwan Yew-Singapore) all had roots in the Hakka Chinese subgroup, a subethnicity comprising only around 5% of all Chinese people worldwide

  6. Deng Xiaoping was the first Chinese leader to visit Washington when he met Carter at the White House in 1979. There was an assassination attempt by a Ku Klux Klan member, who reportedly pulled out a knife and rushed to the podium where Deng was speaking

  7. Even when North Korea was suffering from food shortages and declining industry, the government has always resisted reform. When Chinese leader Deng told Kim Il Sung that China's reforms were a window to the West, he replied "When you open a window flies come in"

  8. Deng Xiaoping visited North Korean leader Kim Il Sung in Pyongyang in 1961 where he said that Pyongyang is well planned and looks better than Seoul

  9. When Jimmy Carter first visited Beijing in 1981, he was annoyed that he was not allowed to ride a bike on his own without a security entourage but was finally allowed to go around independently after he demanded to speak to China's leader Deng Xiaoping

  10. Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping told an American professor that Taiwan could continue to buy arms from foreign countries after reunification with China. Moreover, Taiwan would retain its own Government

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Deng Xiaoping once proclaimed that China could wait for 100 years to reunify with Taiwan if necessary. More recently, former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin started to articulate that China would not wait forever, but lacked the capacity to back up the implicit threat

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