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When the BankAmericard, later known as Visa, was first launched in Fresno, CA, they mailed out 60,000 unsolicited working credit cards. This resulted in rampant fraud and customers being held liable for the debts incurred on stolen cards.

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Part of Cuyahoga National Park in Ohio was an EPA Superfund site up until 2012. Ford, 3M, Chrysler and Waste Management of Ohio were all held liable for the pollution.

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  1. If children trespass into your swimming pool and get hurt, you can be held liable for their injuries under the Attractive Nuisance doctrine

  2. Americans can't be held civilly or criminally liable for a good faith donation of food to the poor/homeless.

  3. Under Pennsylvania's 'Filial Responsibility' Law, an adult child (regardless of state of residence) can be held liable for their elderly parent's medical and nursing home costs, with no say in how those costs are incurred. In 2012, a man was held liable for $93,000 due to this.

  4. There has not been a single case of a food donor being held liable for a recipient getting sick after eating donated food.

  5. In New Jersey, you could be held liable for knowingly SENDING a text to someone who is driving that then gets into an accident

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