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Becoming a gondolier is an extremely involved process that is heavily regulated by a guild of ferrymen.

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Kraft's Parmesan is called "pamesello italiano" in Europe to distinguish it from "Parmigiano-Reggiano" which was trademarked by government decree and is heavily regulated.

At what juncture point is mitosis most heavily regulated?

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  1. Animal experiments have been heavily regulated in the UK since 1876, including special protections for dogs and monkeys

  2. The UK elections are heavily regulated so to how much can spend on their campaign, and that Granny Farming is thing.

  3. Firearms were more heavily regulated in the Old West than Today, and the Gunfight at the OK Corral started because the Dalton Gang refused to store their guns while in the town of Tombstone.

  4. Victims of severe burns have to heavily monitor their physical exertion and activity since scar tissue cannot sweat, making temperature regulation difficult

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What form of business is most heavily regulated by the government?

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