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Since the SNES wasn't powerful enough to emulate a GameBoy in software, the Super GameBoy actually contained all the hardware of a regular gameboy except the screen

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The Cincinnati Library has 3D printers, audio and visual equipment, laser cutters and engravers, sewing machines, cameras and other hardware and software tools that patrons can use for free.

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  1. The Jacquard loom, which used punch cards to replicate textile patters much like modern computer software and 1804!

  2. In the Astronaut Office Ellen served as the crew rep for flight software, robotics, and computer hardware. She was also lead spacecraft communicator in Mission Control, Deputy Chief of the Astronaut Office, and the assistant for Space Station to the Astronaut Office's Chief.

  3. Wirth's law “Software is getting slower more rapidly than hardware is getting faster.”

  4. MIDI can be a software program on a computer or it can be a hardware workstation that acts as a physical interface.

  5. The term “bug” as it pertains to computer software (and hardware), does not derive from the famous Mark II computer incident wherein a moth was trapped in a relay. The term has actually been in use in engineering and early computing since at least the 1870’s.

  6. Another option for honoring administrative professionals is through gifts such as business cards, name plates, upgrades to computer hardware and software, gift certificates, and through monetary bonuses awarded for excellence on the job.

  7. The Digital dark age, a time that may come when historical documents and pictures will be inaccessible to future generations due to out of date software, hardware and file formats.

  8. Hardware samplers were the original option but beginning in the 1990s technology made it possible for software to act as a sampler once installed on a computer.

  9. Wirth's Law, which states that software is getting slower more rapidly than hardware becomes faster.

  10. Wirth's Law, which states that software gets slower more rapidly than hardware getting faster.

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Link and Samus were going to be in the Wii version of Marvel Ultimate Alliance, but Nintendo were insulted when Raven software demonstrated this to them on competitor hardware, the PS2, and banned their inclusion

It's called 'FIRMware' because it's between 'SOFTware' and 'HARDware' - source

Car manufacturer Tesla deliberately cripple the batteries on lower end models with software despite being identical to higher-end model's hardware.

Like Hardware and Software, 'Middleware' exists - source

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In digital storage, two non-interchangeable units are used. Hardware storage is usually counted in gigabytes (GB), while most software counts in gibibytes (GiB, though this abbreviation is rarely used). The first unit is for decimal multiples, whereas the latter is binary.

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PEEK, new ophthalmic-medical hardware and software applicable to smart-phones, enables 25,000 3rd-world children to be examined in just 5 weeks, by only 21 teachers.

About wetware, which is a word used to describe "human factors" when designing hardware and software.

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