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It's been mathematically proven that one cannot comb a hairy ball without creating a cowlick.

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The Hairy Ball theorem dictates that, given at least some wind on Earth, there must at all times be a cyclone somewhere.

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  1. Due to the Hairy Ball Theorem, there is always at least one place on Earth with no wind.

  2. A). There is always somewhere on earth where the wind is not blowing. B). This can be proven by something called the Hairy Ball Theorem. (link to time in comments)

  3. A former mayor of Fort Wayne city was going to have a government building named after him, but the decision was overturned because his name sounded too much like 'Hairy Balls'.

  4. There's a plant called "Hairy Balls." The description states "Milky sap may cause eye and skin irritation."

  5. The Earth's Winds Adhere to the Hairy Ball Theorem

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