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At around 20 metres underwater gravity overtakes the buoyancy of your body and you start falling towards the centre of the earth.

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The creators of Adventure Time, The Regular Show and Gravity Falls are all college friends and all worked together on a show near the beginning of their careers.

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  1. There is in fact gravity at the international space station. So much so that someone that weighs 100 lbs on earth would weigh 90 on the station. The reason they float isn't due to a lack of gravity, but rather because the astronauts are in a perpetual free fall.

  2. Astronauts don't float because they've escaped Earth's gravity (they still experience 90% of Earth's gravity), but because they are in free fall, constantly falling back to Earth

  3. One of the missions Apollo 15's crew did in the moon was to make an experiment, using a feather and hammer, to demonstrate Galileo's theory that all objects in a given gravity field fall at the same rate, regardless of mass.

  4. "Gravity Falls" from Disney and "Rick and Morty" from Adult Swim had a subtle crossover- When Stan accidentaly throws some objects into a portal in the episode "Society of the Blind Eye", those objects come out of one of Rick's portals in "Close Rick-counters of the rick-kind"

  5. In the last moonwalk of the Apollo 15 mission, in view of a TV camera, astronaut David Scott used a feather and hammer to demonstrate Galileo’s theory that all objects in a given gravity field fall at the same rate, regardless of mass (with no air drag). They both hit the ground at the same time

  6. The dizziness and blurred vision (feeling of fainting) caused by suddenly standing up after a long time is called Orthostatic Hypotension. Because of gravity, your blood will fall to your lower body which causes your Thorax (chest area) and head to temporarily lose 700ml of blood.

  7. Most of Apollo 13 was shot in simulated zero gravity, over the course of 612 25 second flights in a free-falling plane.

  8. If we had a spacecraft that could "simply" accelerate at a constant 1g (the acceleration rate of free-falling objects due to gravity), then the passengers would be able to travel through the entire KNOWN universe, not merely the observable universe, in just one lifetime.

  9. A "gravity hill" is a hill that creates the illusion of reverse gravity. It consists of a slight downward slope that appears to be a slightly upward hill, making objects appear to "fall upwards". The illusion is created by an obstructed horizon.

  10. Astronauts on the International Space Station still experience about 90% of earth's gravity, not enough difference to notice. They're not weightless because they're in 0G, they appear weightless because their container is moving at the same speed they are, just like a falling elevator

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Most seed falls directly to the ground and germinate close to the mother plant. Besides gravity, seed can be dispersed via wind, water and animals.

Neil deGrasse Tyson voices Waddles (Mabel's pet pig) in Gravity Falls - source

Neil DeGrasse Tyson voiced Waddles the Pig in Gravity Falls - source

The movements of a falling cat were studied to help astronauts reorient themselves in a zero gravity environment

Verona Rupes, the steepest known cliff in our solar system. Located on a moon of Uranus, it's 8 times taller than the tallest cliff on Earth. Due to the weaker gravity, if you jumped off of it you would fall for 12 mins before hitting the ground, and there would still be a chance of survival. - source

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The creators of Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, and Regular Show all became friends while attending CalArts.

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While even school children associate Newton with theories on gravity involving a childish story about an apple falling on his head, Newton was actually responsible for a number of elementary discoveries.

During the 18 months of the Great Plague (1665-1666), Sir Isaac Newton invented calculus, set foundations for his theory of light and color, gained significant insight into the laws of planetary motion, and legend has it, experienced his famous inspiration of gravity with the falling apple.

Gravity is not the same everywhere on Earth. The Earth's gravitational pull is smallest at the top of Mount Nevado Huascarán in Peru and largest near the North Pole. If you were to fall from a height of 100 metres in both locations, you would land 16 milliseconds later in Peru.

In the Islamic vision of Hell, Jahannam, if a stone were thrown into it, it would fall for 70 years – assuming Earth gravity and atmosphere, and an 89.5 m/s terminal velocity, a distance of about 197,708,364km, or about the average diameter of the orbit of Venus before reaching the bottom.

There is no such thing as zero gravity in space. Astronauts are in a perpetual state of free fall hence the perception of weightlessness.

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The sensation of weightlessness experienced by astronauts is not the result of there being zero gravity, they are in fact free falling back to earth. The force of gravity in low earth orbit is still 90% of what it is on the surface.

The TV show "Gravity Falls" was named after the city, Boring, Oregon.

Astronauts float in space, not because there is no gravity, but because they are falling at the same speed as the space craft.

The creators of Homestar Runner also made Gravity Falls

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Disney's censorship of same-sex couples in Gravity Falls. Alex Hirsch, the creator of Gravity Falls, had many arguments with Disney's censors who claimed that they "'were not appropriate for our audience'" and that they would rather not deal with complaints from homophobic parents.

NASA operates a Zero Gravity Research (Zero-G) Facility in Cleveland, OH -- the largest facility of its kind in the world -- where experiments free-fall 132 meters and are weightless for 5.18 seconds during the fall

The voice of Dipper Pines of Gravity Falls is John Ritter's son, Jason.

The creator of the animated show Gravity Falls, Alex Hirsch, is the actor behind the voices of several of the show's characters, with the most notable being Bill Cipher, Grunkle Stan, and Soos.

All conventional pens and pencils work in space. Ball point pens don't work well upside down on Earth because of gravity. In space, the ink will not fall back away from the nib because surface tension will keep the ink together and flowing.

The Gravity Falls DDnmD Wizard "Probabilator" was voice acted by Weird Al

People do not float in the International Space Station because there is no effect of Earth's gravity theee, they do because they are in free fall and thus in zero-g

Unlike fish, sharks cannot stop suddenly or swim backwards. A shark's pectoral fins cannot bend upwards like a fish, limiting its swimming ability to forward motion. If a shark needs to move backwards, it uses gravity to fall, not swim backwards.

How long it would take to fall off the Empire State Building (comparing gravity of Earth, the moon and the sun)

Isaac Newton invented calculus while trying to explain why the moon orbited the earth in a "free fall" due to gravity. He invented it as fast as you would learn it in a college calc class.

that there is gravity in space and that the astronauts are actually falling.

Neil deGrasse Tyson voiced Waddles the pig on Gravity Falls

Super Mario's jump and fall speeds suggest he lives on a planet with 8 times more gravity than earth, which no known planet has.

Astronauts float in space because they are falling. Not because there is no gravity.

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