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The "Star of the South", one of the largest diamonds in the world. Discovered by a river in Brazil in July 1853, it was found by a slave girl named Rosa, who turned the diamond over to her master. He rewarded her by granting her freedom, and giving her a pension for life.

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French prisoners in the 1700s were granted freedom if they agreed to marry a prostitute and move to Louisiana

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  1. On his way to Egypt, Napoleon conquered Malta where he spent 6 days. During these days he abolished the nobility, freed the slaves, granted freedom of speech, gave Jews religious freedom, abolished the inquisition and introduced scientific subjects to the University of Malta

  2. In the siege of Weinsberg, a surrender granted the women the freedom to leave unharmed with whatever they could carry. Thinking quickly, the women carried their men on their backs to safety.

  3. If you are granted "Freedom of the City" in the City of London, you have the right to a silken rope, if hanged, and if found drunk, a policeman will put you in a cab or escort you home. You also have the right to herd sheep over London Bridge, a right used as recently as 2013.

  4. Harvard College is explicitly granted special rights and privileges in the Constitution of Massachusetts, including guaranteed freedom to manage its own affairs and possibly even exemption from eminent domain.

  5. Horace King, an African-American that became one of the 19th century Deep South's most respected architects. Purchasing his own freedom, he was granted exemption from a law that ruled freed men had to leave the state. Post-humously, King was inducted into the Alabama Engineers Hall of Fame.

  6. Despite his legal issues, Christopher Columbus was granted his freedom and made his fourth voyage across the Atlantic to the New World with King Ferdinand's blessing.

  7. After WWII, the Soviets convicted some of the Japanese biowarfare researchers for war crimes, but the USA granted freedom to all researchers in exchange for information on their human experiments.

  8. While some gladiators received other prizes as well as freedom, an African gladiator was granted a palace by an Emperor.

  9. In 2014, Bolivia granted the Earth comprehensive legal rights, including the right to: life and regeneration; biodiversity and freedom from genetic modification; pure water; clean air; naturally balanced systems; restoration from the effects of human activity; and freedom from contamination.

  10. Gandhi continued to fight for India's freedom, in his Quit India campaign. When World War II ended, Britain gave indications that India would be granted independence. 100,000 prisoners were released once Gandhi called off their protests.

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Being granted Freedom of the city of Dublin has historically given the privilege of being allowed to pasture sheep on city commons. Which U2 did as a publicity stunt after receiving the award in 2000.

The first document in Europe granting religious freedom came from the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth. - source

This Goebbels speech: „When our enemies say: 'But we granted YOU freedom of speech before' – yes, you US, well, that's no proof that we should do the same to you! Your stupidity doesn't have to be contagious to us! That YOU gave freedom of speech to US – that's proof of how stupid you are!” - source

One of the "Intolerable Acts" cited as a contributing cause for the American Revolution was a 1774 bill granting Québec slightly more land and religious freedom

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Freed slaves would often purchase their wives; making him a slaveowner. The husband would then emancipate the wife to make her legally free. Sometimes the man would hold off granting the woman freedom in case she might be “too hard to please.” In this case, he would sell her back into slavery.

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