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In 2007, a North Korean cargo vessel was captured by Somali pirates. Its distress signal was responded to by a nearby US destroyer, which provided medical assistance to injured NK sailors who were able to retake the vessel. It led to an unprecedented statement of gratitude by North Korean media.

how is it that hamlet is the only man captured by pirates?

When Blackbeard captured the ship that would become Queen Anne's Revenge, there 455 African slaves on board. Many of the African slaves would go on to become pirates rather than continue to be slaves. At the time of Blackbeard's death, nearly one-third of his total crew were former slaves.

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  1. Pirates kidnapped Caesar, and held him for ransom. Caesar was insulted at the ransom demand, which he saw as too low, and promised to crucify the pirates after he was free. ... After his freedom was purchased, he assembled a small army, which captured the pirates and crucified them

  2. The only real world example of sky pirates happened in 1917 when a Norwegian ship was captured by a German raiding party who boarded and seized the ship from a Zeppelin.

  3. When pirate Jean Lafitte saw the governor advertising a $500 reward for his capture, Lafitte offered $5,000 for the capture of the governor.

  4. When kidnapped by pirates, a young Julius Caesar basically took charge of the ship, ordered his captors around & even read them his poetry (while reminding them they'd be crucified afterwards, which the pirates found hilarious.) Once free he raised a navy, captured them, and had them crucified.

  5. Julius Caesar was kidnapped by pirates, who demanded 20 talents of silver for his freedom, however Caesar told them to ask for 50. When the ransom was paid and he was released, Caesar raised a fleet, pursed and eventually captured the pirates and had them crucified.

  6. Julius Cesar was captured by pirates and laughed in their faces when the ransom wasn't large enough. Then, while sending his men for the silver, he won them over by patronizing them and threatening to have them all killed, which he did.

  7. Ching Shih was a prostitute, captured by pirates. She then became a pirate herself, commanding a fleet of hundreds of ships and at least 20,000 pirates. She never lost a battle against the Chinese, British, and Portuguese navies before retiring rich after being pardoned.

  8. In 1695 six pirate captains banded together to capture the Ganj-i-Sawal, a Mughal treasure ship. They are believed have seized as much as £600,000 (approximately $121 million in today's currency), possibly the most from any single ship in history, as well as a relative of the Mughal Emperor.

  9. The most successful pirate raid in history was Henry Avery's capture of the Indian treasure ship *Ganj-i-sawai* in 1695. The plunder was £600,000 worth of jewels and precious metals, equivalent to £52.4 million or $81 million today.

  10. In 1795, nearly one sixth of the entire U.S. federal budget was sent to Algeria as a ransom for 115 American sailors captured by pirates.

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About the Pirate Jean Lafitte, who after seen the first American governor of Louisiana William C. Claiborne advertising a $500 dollars reward for his capture, Lafitte offered $5,000 for the head of the governor.

Diogenes, a radical Greek philosopher, sabotaged Plato's lectures by loudly smacking his lips while eating. Alexander the Great, thrilled to meet the famous philosopher, asked if there was any favor he could grant. Diogenes said, "Yes, stand out of my sunlight." He was later captured by pirates - source

A 10 year old boy was captured and sold into slavery by the King of Algiers in the 16th Century, and he rose to become one of the richest, most influential, and well-liked Barbary pirates, and his name was Ali Bitchin. - source

During the Civil War a Maine woman was captured at sea by Confederate pirates but escaped by getting them blackout drunk and then convincing their slave crew to "make them prisoners" and sail with her to freedom.

In 2010, a band of Somali pirates attempted to capture the US Navy Frigate USS Nicholas, mistaking it for a merchant vessel - source

What happens to somali pirates when captured?

In 75 BC, pirates seized a vessel that Julius Caesar was in, and held him for ransom. Caesar was insulted at the ransom, which he saw as too low, and promised to crucify the pirates. At his insistence the pirates raised the demand. After he was freed, he captured the pirates and crucified them.

How many ships captured by somali pirates?

When pirate Jean Lafitte saw the governor advertising a $500 reward for his capture, Lafitte offered $5,000 for the capture of the governor.

Millions of Europeans and Russians were captured as slaves by Ottoman and African Barbary pirates. The coastline from Venice to Malaga was largely depopulated.

That, among other pranks, the pirate Benjamin Hornigold once captured a ship and its crew only to take their hats, telling them that they had gotten too drunk the night before and thrown them overboard.

Instead of having captured Somali pirates stand trial, Russia has begun releasing them. They place them in an inflatable boat back in the ocean from whence they came, without navigational equipment. Effectively condemning them to death.

Ottoman Pirates undertook a series of Slave Raids in Iceland in 1627. They captured an estimated 400–900 Icelandic prisoners to sell into slavery. This event is known in Iceland as Tyrkjaránið – the 'Turkish Raid'

When did somali pirates captured captain phillips?

The future US President Millard Fillmore was captured by pirates when he was a fisherman and was forced into servitude for ninth months. He then killed the boatswain with an axe and led a revolt to recapture the ship. He then sailed the ship back to Boston were the pirates were hanged.

The youngest ever documented pirate was around 10 years old. He was a rebellious child named John King whose ship was captured by "Black Sam" in 1716 & eagerly joined his crew. A year later he died when "Black Sam's" ship, The Whydah, sank off the coast of Cape Cod killing most of the crew.

In 2009 Somali pirates attacked a French flagship thinking it was civilian. The French repelled the assault rifle attack without sustaining damage or casualties and proceeded to capture five of the pirates.

About Ching Shih, a Chinese prostitute who married a pirate & took over his fleet when he died. She was so successful, the Chinese sent an armada to stop her. She captured 63 of their ships. After 2 yrs of fighting they offered her amnesty. She kept all her $, ran brothels & casinos & died at 69

About Samuel Bellamy, a pirate who had a diverse crew and governed them democratically after capturing a slave ship full of indigo, ivory, gold, and silver. He died a year later as the richest pirate to ever live when his ship sank due to "one of the worst nor'easters ever recorded"

25-year-old Julius Ceaser was captured by pirates who demanded a ransom of 20 talents, equivalent to $28 million today, causing Ceaser to burst out laughing and offer 50 talents instead. Ceaser then raised a Naval force, went back to their island, and had the pirates captured then crucified.

The same Seal Team that killed Osama Bin Laden killed the Somalian pirates who captured Captain Phillips.

Between 1 million and 1.25 million Europeans were captured by Barbary pirates and sold as slaves in North Africa and the Ottoman Empire between the 16th and 19th centuries.

Caesar was kidnapped by pirates. When they demanded a ransom of 20 silver, he insisted they ask for 50. After the ransom was paid, he raised a fleet, and captured the pirates. He had them crucified, as he had promised while in captivity, a promise the pirates had taken as a joke.

When released from captivity of Somali pirates by paying $592k ransom in 2008, Jürgen Kantner said "I pray to God they won’t catch us again," referring to him and his wife. He was captured again in 2016 by a Filipino terrorist group and was later killed after failing to pay the $600k ransom

Julius Caesar was once kidnapped by pirates, he insisted that they raised the ransom and promised to crucify them. After the ransom was paid he raised a fleet, captured the pirates and imprisoned them. He then had their throats cut and crucified.

Saint Patrick wasn't Irish. He was born in Wales then captured by pirates and sent to Ireland as a slave.

Julius Caesar was captured by pirates and negotiated his own ransom up. From time to time he would threaten to have them all crucified. After the ransom was paid and Caesar went free, Caesar managed to raise a naval force despite holding no office, capturing the pirates and crucified them.

When Julius Caesar was a young man, he was captured by pirates and ransomed. Insulted by the low sum of money they offered for him, he decided to crucify them for after being freed. After his friends paid his ransom, Caesar assembled a small army and captured the Pirates, then crucified them.

About Ching Shih, a pirate who commanded over 300 ships and employed 20,000-40,000 pirates. She terrorized the China seas in the late 19th century. She married her own son, and ultimately was captured. But, she wasn't imprisoned, and operated a fleet of merchant vessels for the rest of her life.

Joseph Dombey, a French scientist, was sent to the United States on 17th January 1794 to convince Congress to adopt the metric system. However a storm blew his ship it to Guadeloupe. He was arrested by a Frenchroyalist. Once released he was captured by pirates and later died in captivity

The bones of an 11-year-old boy where found in a sunken pirate ship, the Whydah Gally. It belonged to captain Samuel Bellamy, and the boy was John King. He joined Bellamy’s crew of his own volition when the Whydah captured his ship, even threatening to hurt his mother if she tried to stop him.

A dwarf named Jeffrey Hudson was given as a gift to the English queen during the 1600's. After killing a man in a duel, he was banished from the court, captured by pirates, and spent 25 years as a slave in North Africa before being ransomed and returned to England.

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