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27-yr-old grad student, Alexandra Elbakyan, put 50 million stolen research articles online for free. Her reason?...Worldwide liberation of knowledge from the tyranny of for-profit publishers. Many academics and longtime advocates for open scholarly research seemed to support her ideology.

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In 2013 a grad student accidentally debunked an influential economics paper. He was trying to replicate the paper's math for a school project and couldn't, because it was completely wrong.

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  1. UCSC grad student Jim Kent who wrote a program to allow the Human Genome Project to assemble and publish the genome. The research was largely motivated by concerns that Celera Genomics, working on a parallel project, would patent the data. Kent's results were released first by 3 days.

  2. Dexter Holland, the front man of Offspring, is a PhD student helping study how... microRNA sequences can help fight against HIV. And while he was a young grad student at USC, he came up with the phrase "gotta keep 'em separated" while waiting for two petri dishes to cool off.

  3. The Japanese school year is 240 days long, giving their students three more years of total instruction received compared to an American High School grad.

  4. An MIT grad student submitted his thesis developing the theory of orbital rendezvous which would be critical to the Apollo program. It opens, "In the hopes that this work may in some way contribute to their exploration of space. If only I could join them in their exciting endeavors." Buzz Aldrin

  5. Grad student Theodore Streleski killed his math advisor with a hammer after 19 years in grad school as a "political statement", and argued it was the moral and logical thing to do.

  6. In 1946 the Winecoff Hotel, advertised as "absolutely fireproof", was the site of the deadliest hotel fire in U.S. history. 119 people died spurring significant changes in U.S. building codes. A 24-year-old grad student won the 1947 Pulitzer for a shot of one occupant’s leap from the fire.

  7. A financial institution estimated the average millennial with student debt had 75 percent less net worth than their debt-free peers. The median net bank account balance (checking+savings) of all grads under 35 who had loans, they found, was $5,500, while it was some $10,180 for those who didn't.

  8. In 1962 a grad student unknowingly cut down a 4862 year old tree, the oldest known living non-clonal organism at that time

  9. Scientific American magazine welcome essays from writers and scholars at all levels, from grad students and postdocs to senior researchers. However, articles must present ideas that have already been published and peer-reviewed as they do not publish new theories or results of original research

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A year of grad student living in Cambridge, MA (2016)

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$67k of student loan payments over 3.5 years of grad school

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Dexter Holland, lead singer for the punk-rock band The Offspring, is a Molecular Biology grad student and has published a paper in a scientific journal about MicroRNA in HIV genomes

A French grad school pays its students during the time of their degree, in exchange of what, students agree to owe 10 years of work at the French state. - source

Joe Deutch, in 2004, played 'Russian Roulette' in front of an entire classroom at UCLA. As an art grad student, he filmed the incident as a performance art piece. The school's ill-handling caused world renowned artists Chris Burden and Nancy Rubin to resign as faculty. - source

A then Columbia grad Oliver Jovanovic was wrongfully convicted of raping a fellow student Jamie Rzucek because the prosecutors convinced the trial judge to exclude exculpatory emails between the two. The main prosector Linda Fairstein also (allegedly) coerced the Central Park Five's confessions.

Tom Lehrer had just started to perform at Harvard as a grad student, was seen by Al Capp (creator of Li’l Abner), and then became regular guest on Capp's Boston radio program, starting his musical career. - source

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Edgar Allan Poe's cottage now rests in its own park in the Bronx, New York, where it suffered from vandalism in the 1970s and it also once housed a grad student in its basement

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About Give Directly, a charity that gives money directly to the extreme poor using electronic payments via cell phone. Give Directly was started by two grad students in economics who wanted to give their own money directly to those in need without having any idea of how go about doing so.

At 26 Dr. Katie Bouman Wrote The Algorithm That Allowed Us to See the First Image of a Black Hole As A Grad Student

University of Missouri Grad Student Jonathan Butler (who initiated a hunger strike against University President Tim Wolfe) is the son of a fortune 500 Executive worth millions

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I'm a grad student, this is what the month of February looked like for me! (CyRide is my part-time job)

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My hunt for Internships and Full Time jobs as a CS Grad Student over last 16 months

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