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Before Google launched Gmail, was a free Web based email service, Garfield mail, from for fans of the lasagna loving cat.

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Before Google launched Gmail, "G-Mail" was the name of a free email service offered by Garfield's website.

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  1. Google's Gmail makes its money by scanning emails and pushing advertising and promotions to its Gmail users, generally through the Google Chrome browser.

  2. You can undo sent emails on Gmail, meaning the other person never has to see them

  3. As an April Fool's joke, Google introduced "Mic Drop," which enabled Gmail users to send emails with a gif of a minion dropping a mic. The prank backfired when people accidentally clicked on the button and sent business emails with the whimsical animation. The feature was quickly removed.

  4. If you include certain phrases in an email, Gmail will warn you if you forgot to include your attachment

  5. The period between your first and last name in your gmail address doesn't actually matter. If there is no period you still get the email.

  6. If you send an email with gmail and write "is attached" without attaching a document it will alert you.

  7. The dot or plus sign in gmail (and other emails) doesn't matter.

  8. You can create a professional/business email ( and use it with Gmail.

  9. If you're a Gmail user, the periods in your email address don't matter at all. You can add or remove as many as you like, Gmail completely ignores them.

  10. Gmail will alert you if you try to send an email containing "attached is" without attaching a file.

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gmail email fact data chart about The Markup tested which US presidential candidates emails la
The Markup tested which US presidential candidates emails land in Gmail's primary inbox.

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SecureGmail encrypts and decrypts emails you send in Gmail. - source

Dots don't matter in your Gmail address, meaning that emails to and will go to the same person ( - source

Gmail ignores the dots in an email address; if you email, your email will be sent to

Gmail has an ‘undo’ setting that allows you to delete erroneous emails for up to 30 seconds after sending - source

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If you forget to attach a file to an email and you wrote "I attached..." somewhere in the email, Gmail will notify you before you send it.

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If you have a "." in your gmail address, people can email you without including the ".", and you can also login without the "."; It doesn't work on hotmail addresses though.

Gmail has a Blacklist of words, that if found, at a certain density, will prevent ads from displaying while you are reading that email.

Tristan da Cunha is so remote that to get a landing permit you need to send an email to the Secretary to the Administrator's gmail address:

If you need a new email address for some service, Gmail allows you to simply add e.g. '+1' or '+2' to your current address.

You can use a '+' symbol in your gmail address when signing up to websites/mailing lists to set up filters. Emails sent to will go to with 'facebook' in the title field

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Gmail completely ignores dots in email adresses

Gmail ignores dots in email addresses and sending an email to will go to the same place as sending one to

GMail does not recognize dots '.' as characters in email addresses/ Dots are meaningless in your GMail address

Dots/periods don't matter in gmail addresses - gmail ignores the dots and you can login/send/receive emails the same if you add any number of dots to your email address

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