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The dot or plus sign in gmail (and other emails) doesn't matter.

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Dots don't matter in your Gmail address, meaning that emails to and will go to the same person (

What is dot matrix?

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  1. The (dot) in your Gmail address is irrelevant.

  2. Dots are meaningless in your Gmail address

  3. Gmail ignores the dots in an email address; if you email, your email will be sent to

  4. The dots do matter: how to scam a Gmail user

  5. P****.p.p***** = p****pp**** (dots in gmail id are irrelevant)

  6. The dots in Gmail addresses don't matter. is the same as

  7. Dots/periods don't matter in gmail addresses - gmail ignores the dots and you can login/send/receive emails the same if you add any number of dots to your email address

  8. GMail does not recognize dots '.' as characters in email addresses/ Dots are meaningless in your GMail address

  9. Gmail ignores dots in email addresses and sending an email to will go to the same place as sending one to

  10. Gmail completely ignores dots in email adresses

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