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Since 2008, more than 44 BILLION dollars has been spent on gift cards that were then never used.

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44 billion worth of gift cards have gone unredeemed since 2008

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  1. Due to a pharmaceutical labeling error, a woman received severe chemical burns over 80% of her vagina during a routine medical procedure. By way of compensation, the pharmacy that made the error sent her an apology and a $50 gasoline gift card. The woman did not have a car.

  2. Mail carriers are NOT permitted to accept cash and cash equivalents, such as checks or gift cards. Carriers are permitted to accept a gift worth $20 or less from a customer per occasion, such as Christmas.

  3. Until 2008, Walmart Mexico was paying its employees with gift cards only redeemable at Walmart.

  4. In California, regardless of store policy, gift cards with a value less than $10 are redeemable in cash.

  5. All gift cards in Australia are now valid for 3 years from 'activation' or purchase, regardless of when they were bought and regardless of what it says on the card.

  6. There is about 47.5 billion dollars on unused gift cards floating around since 2005

  7. $1 billion in gift cards go unredeemed. The five-year minimum expiration date on gift cards encourages people to delay using them, increasing the likelihood that the cards will get lost. Another problem with the five-year expiration is that only 50% of small businesses last five years.

  8. The WaterSaver Faucet Company began disciplining workers for “excessive use” of the bathroom, meaning they used their allocated six minutes per business day. They also gave workers gift cards as rewards for not using the bathroom at all in a day.

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USPCC (Bicycle Cards) made special decks to send as gifts for American prisoners of war in German camps. When these cards were moistened, they peeled apart to reveal sections of a map indicating precise escape routes.

It’s likely $41 billion worth of gift cards were not redeemed from 2005 to 2011. - source

On Nurses Day it is common for friends and family of nurses to present them with gifts including flowers, greetings cards, gift certificates, and lunches and dinners.

Some people celebrate Siblings Day by sending their sibling a card or a gift, or having dinner together. Some people choose to do a favor or chore for their sibling, and others use their creativity the same way they do on Mother's Day or Father's Day.

Another option for honoring administrative professionals is through gifts such as business cards, name plates, upgrades to computer hardware and software, gift certificates, and through monetary bonuses awarded for excellence on the job.

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The Gift Card was invented by Blockbuster to combat counterfeit paper gift certificates.

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Boss's Day gifts for men can include cards, gift certificates, business stationary, lunches, golf gifts, whiskey, cigars, pens, mugs, or even sports memorabilia.

Shoppers have left almost $44 billion dollars in unused gift card balances the last 5 years

Boss's Day gifts for women can include flowers, cards, gift certificates, gift baskets, business stationary, lunches, plants, wine or chocolate.

I learned that Starbucks invests the money from pre-paid gift cards. In 2013, they netted $146 million in profit by doing this.

From 2005 to 2011, $41B worth of gift cards have likely gone unredeemed. The unredeemed values are swallowed up by the retailer or state. In 2008, New York State collected $9.6M in unused gift cards. A survey found 1 in 4 adults haven’t used at least 1 gift card from the previous holiday season.

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A Man Found a Way to Generate Unlimited Money using Starbucks Gift cards, Spent $1.70 to Confirm his Theory then Brought this to Starbucks' Attention along with $1.70. Starbucks Fixed the Security Issue then Accused him of Fraud

Burt Reynolds recently held a massive auction where he sold off everything from his personal rolodex and voided AmEx card, to a pair of leather chaps and a horse carriage gifted to him by Dolly Parton

Some people give their bosses gifts such as business cards, flowers, or gift certificates on Boss's Day as a way to show their appreciation.

Common gifts on Mother's Day include: flowers, dinner or lunch in a restaurant, jewelry, gift cards, clothing and treats such as a trip to a spa. Books, CDs, housewares and gardening tools are popular gifts as well.

Wal-Mart employees across the country are planning to strike on Black Friday in what may be the biggest push for equitable wages that Wal-Mart has ever seen. is gathering donations to buy the employees grocery gift cards so they can still feed their families.

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$1 billion in gift cards go unused every year

Gift Cards are the most requested holiday gift.

41 billion worth of gift cards have likely gone unredeemed from 2005 to 2011.

In the late 18th Century, Coal Miners in West Virginia Were Paid in 'Company Scrip' or Company Gift Cards That Could Only Be Used to Rent Company Houses or Spent in the Company Store.

Casinos in Las Vegas "cancel" cards at playing tables. They are taken out of play, marked (either with a black marker or by cutting two corners off), and either returned to the distributor or sold in gift shops.

Gift card funds don't expire, but the cards do. You can call and have them re-issue a card with a new expiration date.

Walmart adopt an associate charity takes in donations and distributes them in the form of Walmart and Sam's Club gift cards. All donations end up going straight back to Walmart.

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When Seattle police did a gun buyback, they ran out of gift cards and gun enthusiasts showed up to pay cash to people turning in their guns.

Drones have turned into flying billboards, flying over events with hanging banners; DroneCast also drops T-shirts and gift cards.

BLM Spent $799,000 on Gift Cards in Government Credit Card Abuse

You can now pay for a Brazzers subscription with unused gift cards...

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