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Theodore and Eleanor Roosevelt, when staying in the White House, reported sightings or a presence of Abraham Lincoln's Ghost. Sightings have also been reported by Margaret Truman, Winston Churchill, and Henry Truman.

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That, in 1803, an English town experienced so many ghost sightings that its citizens formed armed ghost-patrols to catch the spirit. The hunt ended when a bricklayer dressed in white was mistaken for the ghost and shot in the face.

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  1. Vic Tandy and the “fear frequency.” Tandy and his coworkers at the Warwick Laboratory, experienced "ghost" sightings with feelings of fear and depression. He discovered that a new extractor fan was emitting soundwaves at low frequencies known as infrasound, which causing the disturbance.

  2. Infrasound may cause feelings of fear or anxiety, and may be able to cause 'ghost' sightings as a result of vibrating eyeballs

  3. Eyeballs have resonant frequencies in infrasonic ranges and that may be responsible for ghost sightings

  4. The most haunted forest in the world is often referred to as the Bermuda Triangle of Romania. It's been known for intense paranormal activity and unexplained events: intense feelings of being watched, ghost sightings, bizarre-looking vegetation, UFO sightings, hundreds of missing persons, etc...

  5. The majority of ghost sightings are caused by a low frequency noise called infrasound, which distorts human perception.

  6. After salvaged parts from a 1972 airplane crash which left 101 dead were installed in other airplanes, flight crew and passengers on those planes began reporting ghost sightings. The claims became so numerous that the airline had to replace all of the salvaged parts to counter the bad publicity.

  7. "Ghost Rockets"- missile/rocket shaped "UFOs" have been sighted over Nordic nations as well as Greece; Sightings were made mainly post-WWII in 1946, but they continue to this day.

  8. Eastern Airlines 401 that crashed into the Everglades. Salvaged parts of the Tristar were put on other jets and ghost sightings of flight 401's crew were reported by passengers and other crews on those jets.

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