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An 18-month-old German Shepherd named Luna fell off a boat in the Pacific Ocean, swam 2 miles to a nearby island, and survived for 5 weeks by eating mice before she was rescued by a team of Navy staffers. She was found to be slightly under-nourished, but in perfect condition otherwise.

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A German shepherd named Talero stayed next to the body of his owner for 23 days, after he had died in a snow storm. He prevented animals from attacking the body, and tried to keep his owner warm by sleeping by his side.

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  1. German Shepherds are prone to getting hip displasia as a result of breeding for specific cosmetic traits. This unethical breeding has turned a once robust breed into a frail breed disproportionately prone to musculoskeletal disorders, osteoarthritis, diarrhea, obesity, and behavioral problems.

  2. Hitler's personal nurse revealed in 2005 that the death of Blondi the German Shepherd affected people in the bunker more than Eva Braun's suicide

  3. The Dire Wolf Project, a project to breed German Shepherds to resemble dire wolves. It started in 1988 and focuses first on health and temperament. They are enormous, scary, shaggy and, by all accounts, terribly sweet.

  4. Will Smith got so attached to Sam the German Shepherd in the movie "I am Legend" he begged the owner to let him buy her.

  5. A stray dog saved a woman after she crashed down an embankment and was thrown through the back window of her car. The German Shepherd emerged from the woods, pulled her by the collar off the trunk and 50 yards through the briars to the road where she could be seen by passing motorists.

  6. The wolf's jaw can exert 1500 pounds of pressure per square inch, twice the jaw pressure of a German Shepherd. Wolves can crush large bones in just a few bites.

  7. In England during the First World War German Shepherd dogs were renamed 'Alsatians' owing to anti-German sentiment. It's only relatively recently that the correct term 'German Shepherd' has come back into common usage.

  8. The German Shepherd Rin Tin Tin received the most votes for Best Actor at the first Academy Awards, but the Academy decided giving the trophy to a dog wouldn't set the right tone for the show

  9. Horand von Grafrath, the world's first German Shepherd, was born in Germany in 1895. All living German Shepherds descend from him.

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Scatterplot of where my female German shepherd likes to pee

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Golden Retriever is the 4th smartest dog on the planet (first three places are reserved for Border Collie, Poodle and German Shepherd).

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. Originally an experiment in 1955 made by breeding German Shepherds with Carpathian Wolves to create attack dogs with the temperament, pack mentality, and trainability of the German Shepherd and the strength, physical build and stamina of the Carpathian wolf. - source

Just like German Shepherd, Bull Terrier likes to chase its own tail (this is a symptom of an obsessive compulsive disorder).

In April 2014, a German Shepherd was summoned for jury duty in Cumberland County, NJ.

A Colorado man abandoned his German Shepherd in the mountains at ~13,500’ when her paws became so cut up she couldn’t walk any farther. After 6 days, hikers discovered “Missy” and reached out to the local hiking community to perform a rescue. Then the dog's owner asked to get her back. - source

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About Gunther IV, a German Shepherd worth $400 million dollar, he inherited the fortune from his father, a German Shepherd named Gunther III

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In the 90's, John Candy paid $19,000 for a German Shepherd, unaware the going rate for a dog with a similar pedigree was about $1,500 to $4,000

Gabi, a German Shepherd who worked as a guard dog at the Belgrade Zoo in the 1980s, managed to defeat an escaped jaguar. She was patrolling with her owner and another dog, when she noticed the escaped big cat and attacked it, keeping it busy enough for her owner to go and call for help

Airedale Terrier is courageous dog with great stamina. It was often used as ambulance and watchdog and to carry messages, food and ammunition between British battalions during the WWI. In the more recent history, Airedale terrier was used as police and search-and-rescue dog before it was replaced with German Shepherd.

During WW1 In America, suspicion of the Germans was so high that even German shepherds were killed. The names of all German foods and dachshunds were all changed to American names. German stopped being taught in schools and German-language books were banned.

German Shepherds can sniff out breast cancer

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American Pit Bull Terrier is famous for its powerful jaws which cannot be pulled from the flesh of the victim after the bite (until it decides to let go on its own). This fact is actually a myth. American Pit Bull Terrier has powerful jaws, but compared with Rottweiler and German Shepherd, it has "weak" bite.

Team made of Miniature Schnauzer and German Shepherd is sometimes used for guarding of livestock. Miniature Schnauzer loudly announces predators, while German Shepherd protects the herd.

Animals have blood types as well, the example given is that in Australia (2006) a Rottweiler donated blood to a German shepherd after this one was shot.

German Shepherds are wolfdogs in the sense that they have much more recent wolf ancestry than other breeds.

Trained German Shepherds can cost up to $250,000

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A German Shepherd received the most votes for the very first Oscar for Best Actor. In order to be taken seriously, the Academy awarded it to a German human instead.

Hitler originally intended suicide by cyanide. He tested the potency of the poison by murdering his favorite German Shepherd dog, Blondi. His dog-handler later shot her pups.

About Rocky, a drug sniffing dog for the Vicenza, Italy police force. The German shepherd was well known in the drug world, and when he died prematurely at age 3 the drug dealers sent a letter of condolences along with a bag of hash as a final salute.

A German Shepherd named orient helped Bill Irwin become the first blind hiker to complete the 2100 mile Appalachian Trail.

In 1976, a German Shepherd dog playing with flight controls caused a plane crash, killing all on board.

An unnamed woman died after having sex with a German Shepherd. The dog's owner was charged with bestiality for ordering the dog to have sex with the 43 year old mother of 4. The dog's semen triggered an allergic reaction, causing the woman's death.

The American Kennel Club lists the Border Collie as the smartest dog breed, followed by Poodle, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Doberman Pinscher, and Shetland Sheepdog.

There had not been animal rights in Bosnia until 2011. Two drunk Bosnian teens duct taped a firecracker to the mouth of a German Shepherd and blew its whole mouth off, then ran away. The dog then wandered in agony for 5 days before being found by the authority, after which it was euthanized.

German Shepherds have recent (as in the last few centuries) wolf ancestry

The first of the 'Three Stooges' was a German Shepherd

George Foreman owns 18 German Shepherds and once fought a lion.

A woman in Ireland was fucked to death by a German shepherd in 2008.

The entire NYPD of 40,000 officers (and 15,000 non sworn staff) only has 34 dogs (31 German Shepherds and 3 Bloodhounds).

2 Dome-Headed Dinosaurs the Size of German Shepherds Discovered

Antis, A German shepherd who flew 30 missions with Czech RAF pilots in WW2 and was awarded the animal version on the Victoria cross.

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