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Georgetown University went as far as banning the possession of multiple ping pong balls in an effort to ban beer pong

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While attending Georgetown University Bradley Cooper was on the rowing team and was an actor in its Nomadic Theatre.

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  1. Aside from government and tourism being main industries in Washington, D.C., the district also thrives on educational institutions (Gallaudet University, Howard University, Georgetown University, and Catholic University of America), non-profit, professional, and business organizations, and arts and cultural attractions such as the National Gallery of Art and the Smithsonian Institution.

  2. Due to the number of lives lost in the war, enrollment levels remained low at Georgetown University until well after the war. Only seven students graduated in 1869, down from over 300 in the previous decade

  3. Shon Hopwood, a convicted bank robber who spent 11 years in prison and while serving time had two writs heard by the Supreme Court. He is now a Professor of Law at Georgetown University

  4. Georgetown University sold 272 slaves it owned to help to pay off the debts when the college was struggling

  5. Jim Gaffigan played football at Purdue University, as well as Georgetown University.

  6. Musician John Legend was offered admission to Harvard University and scholarships to Georgetown University.

  7. Research from an economist at Georgetown University concluded that there was no evidence that homes constructed since California instituted its pioneering building energy-codes in 1978 use any less electricity today than homes built before the codes came into effect.

  8. John Cardinal O'Connor was an Admiral in the US Navy, and held a PhD from the Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University

  9. The name of Georgetown University's athletic teams' names, the Hoyas, translates directly to Ancient Greek as "what". Thus, if someone were to ask "What is a Hoya?" they would be correct.

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During his time at Georgetown University, President Bill Clinton donated all of his blood to Leukemia research

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