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George Miller raised the money to make Mad Max by working as an ER doctor

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George Miller, director of the Mad Max films, was a medical doctor who began taking film classes in his down time. Much of the physical violence in the movies was informed by what he learned treating car-crash victims.

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  1. There was no screenplay for Mad Max: Fury Road. Instead director George Miller worked with Brendan McCarthy to produce 3,500 storyboards. McCarthy whose specialty is drawing storyboards and comic book art received a writing credit.

  2. Letterman effectively bankrolled the final years of comedian George Miller's life. He picked up the cost of a two-bedroom apartment, 24-hour on-call nurse, got him admitted to an experimental leukemia treatment program by donating nearly $1 million to UCLA... But couldn't make it to his memorial

  3. Washington Irving wrote several biographies including A History of the Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus (1828), Voyages and Discoveries of the Companions of Columbus (1831), Astoria (1836), The Adventures of Captain Bonneville (1837), The Life of Oliver Goldsmith (1840), Biography and Poetical Remains of the Late Margaret Miller Davidson (1841), Lives of Mahomet and His Successors (1850), Wolfert's Roost (1855), and The Life of George Washington (5 volumes).

  4. Director George Miller of Mad Max, Babe, and Happy Feet fame worked as an emergency room doctor prior to his directing career, and helped finance the first Mad Max movie working additional emergency calls.

  5. George Miller raised the money to make the original MAD MAX by working as an emergency room doctor

  6. George Miller, director of the Mad Max films, is a medical doctor.

  7. George Miller, writer and director of the Mad Max films, was a former doctor who was inspired by the automobile carnage he saw at work. His latest film, Mad Mex: Fury Road, is nominated for 10 Oscars.

  8. George Miller directed the Mad Max franchise as well as Happy Feet.

  9. George "joji" Miller AKA filthyfrank started the harlem shake craze

  10. Psychologist George Miller made the only hole-in-one of his life at the age of 77, on the 7th green with 7-iron.

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Mad Max writer/director George Miller was an ER doctor. The job helped fund his first movie and the accidents he saw in the hospital helped inspire death scenes in Mad Max.

George Miller (director of the Mad Max movies) witnessed many car crashes while growing up and even lost 3 of his friends to automobile accidents - source

Tom Hardy was frustrated workimg on Mad Max: Fury Road, but apologized publicly to director George Miller after seeing the final film.

George Miller, the director of all the Mad Max films, is also a physician. - source

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George Miller, the director of the Mad Max films, also directed Babe and Happy Feet.

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George Miller trained Armie Hammer by making him paranoid to make him a better Batman!

George "Joji" Miller aka Filthy Frank is a pretty good music producer.

George Miller, director of the post-apocalyptic action film franchise *Mad Max*, is also the director of the animated movies *Happy Feet* and *Happy Feet Two*.

George Green, inventor of the eponymous Green's function and Green's theorem which every physics undergraduate encounters in second year electricity and magnetism class, had only one year of formal schooling as a child before he went off to work as a corn miller.

George Miller, director of Mad Max and the upcoming Fury Road, also directed Happy Feet

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George Miller (Mad Max: Fury Road) wrote, directed and won an Oscar for the animated film Happy Feet.

George Miller, the mastermind behind the Mad Max series, also created the 1995 film Babe, and the Happy Feet film series.

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George Miller, director of the Mad Max films, also directed the Happy Feet films.

George Miller, the writer and director of the Mad Max series (formerly a medical doctor) also directed Babe and Happy Feet after having kids and watching family movies.

George Miller designed Mad Max: Fury Road in storyboard form with 3,500 panels before writing the screenplay. He wanted the film to be almost a continuous chase with little dialogue, and to have the visuals come first. Miller wanted the film to be understood in Japan without subtitles.

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