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people are genetically predisposed to experience Cilantro differently. Some people taste it as a moldy, soapy, dirty taste, whereas the people who enjoy it describe it as citrusy, fresh, and light.

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People of European and African descent are the stinkiest, at least in terms of being genetically predisposed to having body odor. Asians often don't get it at all.

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  1. Some people dislike coriander and describe its taste as soupy. Medical studies revealed that genetic constitution of an individual determines whether person will like or dislike coriander. In other words, genes predispose our fondness to coriander.

  2. Some people (often males with African/Mediterranean ancestry) are predisposed to a rare genetic condition called 'favism', which leads to acute anemia upon consumption of fava beans.

  3. Jim Fixx, who popularized jogging with "The Complete Book of Running", died at the age of 52 of a heart attack while jogging, as he was genetically predisposed to that.

  4. There is evidence stating that people are genetically predisposed to liking or disliking coriander

  5. Some hedgehogs are genetically predisposed to get Wobbly-Hedgehog Syndrome

  6. The Khoisan people were genetically predisposed to have fat asses

  7. You are genetically predisposed to clasp your hands either with your right or left hand on top.

  8. Humans are probably genetically predisposed to making the wrong choice in a very specific type of economic decision, and monkeys are too.

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