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There is a mutation of the gene CCR5, called Delta 32, which introduces a premature stop codon into the gene. This premature codon means cells that have this mutation can't receive the HIV virus. Individuals with a homozygous CCR5-Delta 32 mutation are completely resistant to the HIV virus.

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Two Chinese twin girls, born last October, are the first humans to have been gene edited. They're said to be modified to be resistant to HIV, using CRISPR. The doctor that conducted the experiment, Dr. He, said the girls were been healthy, but he could easily have lied. There are ethics concerns

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  1. Under 1% of the human population has an innate resistance to the HIV virus.

  2. they have isolated a defect in a gene that is HIV resistant

  3. From my textbook there's a subset of people who lack the receptor HIV binds to and therefore are resistant. Here's a Nature article on it

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