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In 18th century England, some wealthy landowners would hire "ornamental hermits" - poor people dressed in a Druid costume to live in rustic homes in their garden, which may have inspired garden gnome statues

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Worth £2 million, Lampy is the oldest garden gnome in existence, made in 1847. There had been 21 of them, but the original owner's daughter hated them and tried to remove them all. She missed this one.

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  1. Lawn Gnomes used to actually be real people that the English employed to live in their gardens. The so called Ornamental Hermit.

  2. There are "garden gnome liberationists" who steal garden gnomes from people's yards and send them to sanctuaries, wooded areas or on trips around the world.

  3. Heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio, late vocalist of Black Sabbath, Rainbow, and Dio, lost the tip of his thumb to a garden gnome. It was then surgically re-attached.

  4. The leader of the group known as the "Garden Gnome Liberation Front" was given a suspended prison sentence for stealing over 150 gnomes.

  5. the history of the garden gnome possibly traces back to the classical practice of placing statues of the fertility god Priapus, who was often depicted with an oversized phallus, in gardens.

  6. There are more German garden gnomes than the entire population of Australia

  7. French "Garden Gnome Liberationists" would steal garden gnomes because they felt Gnomes "deserved freedom like any other living creature"

  8. A Group In France That Stole Hundreds Of Garden Gnomes, Claimed Gnomes Were Living Beings

  9. Rich 18th-century English people hired actors to dress up as hermits in their gardens to serve as a sort of living garden gnome.

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