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In one 13th-century version of the King Arthur myth, Merlin is the spawn of a demon and a mortal woman and was intended by Satan to be the Antichrist, but was baptized by a priest shortly after birth which nullified Satan's plan, and now uses his demonic powers of magic and prophecy for good.

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about Zura Karuhimbi, a 'witch' who saved over 100 people during the Rwandan genocide because attackers believed she possessed magical powers.

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  1. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini knew each other personally and were good friends until they had a falling out when Houdini failed to prove to Doyle that his magic tricks were illusions. Doyle refused to accept this as he believed Houdini actually had supernatural powers.

  2. A man tried to kill another man on live TV with his magical powers. After several hours, the magical man suggested he never died because the god he worshiped is protecting him. The man replied and said he was an atheist.

  3. Former dictator of Equatorial Guinea Francisco Macias Nguema banned the use of lubricants in Malabo city power plant, saying he could run it using magic. The plant exploded.

  4. In some parts of the world, people suffering from albinism are kidnapped and dismembered, their body parts are then sold for good luck and a promise of magical powers.

  5. When glasses for nearsightedness began to appear in the 15th Century, because they were unusual and rare they were seen as having magical powers, and people who wore glasses were thought to be in league with the devil.

  6. Alfred Kroeber who studied a man he named Ishi, the last member of the Yahi tribe who walked into the modern world in 1911. In Ishi's culture, knowing ones name gives you power over them, so Ishi just means Man. This idea of magic in naming things influenced Kroeber's daughter Ursula Le Guin.

  7. Magician Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin went to French controlled Algeria in 1856 to show the power of French magic. He lifted a metal box in front of a crowd, then had a warrior that he had made "as weak as a woman" try. Turning on electromagnets in the ground, he made the metal box unliftable.

  8. In the cult classic movie "Troll," a boy named Harry Potter defeated a powerful wizard who was cursed with a grotesque form after starting a war with humans and other magical beings. Warner Brothers warned the producers about copyright infringement if they were to remake the movie.

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During the English Civil War, Prince Rupert of the Rhine always had his white poodle accompany him into battle. The dog was believed to possess magical powers and be the Devil in disguise. After the war, the poodle was shot with a silver bullet.

In several pagan religions, silver was associated with magical powers or feminine energy.

Arthur Conan Doyle author of Sherlock Holmes was convinced Harry Houdini had supernatural powers even as Houdini performed his illusions in front of Doyle and subsequently tried to convince him he was only doing magic tricks. - source

About "the magical negro" - a supporting stock character in American cinema who is portrayed as coming to the aid of a film's white protagonists. Magical Negro characters, who often possess special insight or mystical powers, have long been a tradition in American fiction.

Some people believe quartz has magical powers and has the ability to promote growth in a garden or to attract certain energies into the home.

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Onion was worshiped in the ancient Egypt. These plants were inevitable part of burial rituals and tombs of most rulers are covered with pictures of onion. Egyptians believed that onion possesses magic powers and that it can ensure success in the afterlife. Onion was even used as currency along with parsley and garlic.

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Phallic jewellery was popular in ancient Rome. Seen as a magic symbol- the Fascinus, the “divine phallus”- it was revered as being able to ward off evil. Usually as an image or virility or shame, as obscenity is the power that diverts the evil eye.

Son Goku (from the Dragon Ball series) is the Japanese translation for Sun Wukong (the monkey king). He has a tail, amazing powers, and a magical staff.

Operation Cone of Power, an 'magical assault' on Adolf Hitler that was claimed to have stopped the amphibious invasion of Britain.

Johnny and Luther Htoo, two chainsmoking twins who led a guerrilla group at age 12. They took an entire hospital with 900+ people hostage and were said to have magic powers.

During the Congo Civil War (1998–2003), Pygmies were hunted down like game animals and eaten. Both sides of the war regarded them as "subhuman" and some say their flesh can confer magical powers.

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Throughout this whole ordeal, we've all wanted to show things that we weren't allowed to show, but it wasn't because of some magic goo. It was because of the magical power of threatening people with violence.


The Holy Prepuce, or Holy Foreskin. The Holy Foreskin is one of the few relics Christians attribute to Jesus of Nazareth.The foreskin is reported to have magical powers.

People kiss under mistletoe based on a variety of folklore from different cultures that is centered around the plant's magical powers to bring love & fertility

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The difference between a wizard, sorcerer, warlock, and witch. A wizard gains magic from study and learning, a sorcerer has innate magical talent, a warlock is given their power, and a witch is a combination of multiple sources

Albinos in Tanzania are regularly butchered because witch doctors believe their body parts are key ingredients in their magic potions. Some even believe the potion is more powerful if there are screams so body parts are cut from live victims, especially kids

A Kris is a small dagger said to contain an essence of magical powers

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