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In 2003, Republican Bob Ney changed French Fries to Freedom Fries in the Congressional cafeterias because of France's opposition to the proposed invasion of Iraq. The French reacted to this news by saying they focus on serious issues, adding that fries are in fact a Belgian invention.

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There is an "American" themed restaurant in the Philippines called ArmyNavy Burgers and Burritos that has Freedom Fries, Freedom Toast, and LiberTea on the menu.

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  1. That, similar to the 'Freedom Fries' fiasco near the beginning of the war in Iraq, US citizens referred to sauerkraut as "Liberty Cabbage" near the beginning of WWII.

  2. The House of Representatives briefly renamed the "french fries" in their cafeteria to "freedom fries" as part of a protest at France's opposition to a war on Iraq

  3. Former Rep. Bob "Freedom Fries" Ney (R-OH) who in response to France's opposition to the invasion of Iraq renamed French toast and fries in the congressional cafeteria was later arrested on bribery charges and sentenced to 30 months in prison.

  4. In 2003, when the French opposed going to war with Iraq, the U.S. House of Representatives served "Freedom fries" as opposed to French fries.

  5. The name "Freedom Fries" were inspired by the use of "Liberty Measles" to refer to German Measles during WW2. This is also why hot dogs were renamed from frankfurters.

  6. In 2003 France's opposition to the Iraqi war led to a widespread French-bashing fury in America: French fries were renamed "Freedom fries", protesters dumped in the gutter French wine and champagne, and televised destruction of French cars were held

  7. In 2003, 2 House Republicans officially changed "French Fries" and "French Toast" to "Freedom Fries" and "Freedom Toast" on House cafeteria menus.

  8. In response to France openly dissenting to U.S. calls for war with Iraq in 2003, the United States House of Representatives cafeteria re-named french fries to "Freedom Fries."

  9. One of the two congressmen who changed the congress cafeteria menu from French Fries to Freedom Fries later changed his mind and said that Irak war was a bad idea and he wished the renaming never happened. The other got charged with corruption, resigned and the menu was changed back.

  10. "pad thai" literally translates as freedom fry.

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Burger King and Tim Hortons are both owned by a Canadian company, which is itself majority owned by a Brazillian investment firm. Our freedom fries, and your syrupy, hockey themed treats have all been a lie.

In 2003 when France opposed the invasion of Iraq, Republican Chairman of the Committee on House Administration, Bob Ney, renamed French Fries, 'Freedom Fries' in three Congressional cafeterias - source

After the French refused to support the invasion of Iraq, the congressman in charge of the House cafeterias ordered that all French toast and French fries offerings be renamed with ''freedom'' replacing ''french''. - source

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