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In 1935, to verify whether Coca-Cola was kosher, Rabbi Tobias Geffen was provided with its formula on the condition that he not disclose it. The Rabbi requested that the non-kosher beef tallow be substituted with a vegetable-based gylcerin, which was done, and the drink was declared kosher.

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Before McDonald's switched from cooking its fries in beef tallow to vegetable oil, the fries had more saturated beef fat than their hamburgers.

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  1. McDonald's Cooked their Fries in 93% Beef Fat (Tallow) until 1990, when they Switched to Vegetable Oil

  2. Because beef tallow and lard are unkosher, northern European "Jews turned to poultry fat as their cooking fat of choice; the overfeeding of geese to produce more fat per bird produced modern Europe's first foie gras as a side effect."

  3. Biodiesel can be made with algae, fish, and tall oils, as well as beef and sheep tallow, poultry fat, and pork lard.

  4. McDonald's fries were cooked in beef tallow but changed to vegetable oil in the 90s

  5. In the face of public health concerns in 1990, McDonald's switched from cooking their french fries in beef tallow to cooking them in vegetable oil. Strong public distaste for the new taste of the fries resulted in McDonald's stock price falling.

  6. McDonald's adds beef flavor to their fries and hashbrowns and that until 1990, they were fried in tallow.

  7. Soaps are typically made from animal fat, usually tallow which is rendered beef fat. This makes them non-vegan, so there is such a thing as "vegan soap" which is made from fats or oils of vegetable origin.

  8. McDonald's fries are flavored with beef tallow (meaning they are not vegetarian), even though they are still cooked in vegetable oil.

  9. Millionaire Phil Sokolof almost single-handedly forced McDonalds to stop using beef tallow to fry their french fries in 1990 as part of his personal crusade against high fat foods, causing them to lose their signature rich, buttery flavor.

  10. Charles Domery, a Prussian soldier with such a large appetite that in one day he ate "16 pounds (7.3 kg) of raw cow's udder, raw beef and tallow candles and four bottles of porter," all of which he consumed without vomiting, urinating, or defecating.

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