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The word "mesmerize" comes from 18th century German physician Franz Mesmer, who used the sounds from Benjamin Franklin's glass armonica to induce "animal magnetism" in patients. "Animal magnetism" would later be renamed "hypnosis" by Scottish surgeon James Braid in 1841.

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The word "mesmerize" comes from Franz Mesmer, a physician who treated patients by sitting close enough to them to touch knees and making fixed eye contact.

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  1. The word "mesmerize" was coined from German physician Franz Anton Mesmer who theorized mesmerism, what we know now as modern hypnotism

  2. The word “mesmerize” is derived from the Austrian physician Franz Mesmer, who claimed to cure people of various ailments by putting them into a trance.

  3. The word 'mesmerize' comes from the practices of Franz Mesmer, a 19th century doctor and hypnotist who's group treatment sessions would often devolve into orgies

  4. The word "mesmerized" refers to the work of Franz Friedrich Anton Mesmer (b.1734-d.1815). He also introduced the term, "animal magnetism" and is credited with discovering hypnosis.

  5. The word "mesmerize" comes from Franz Mesmer, who is the theorist behind animal magnetism.

  6. The word 'Mesmerize' comes from German physician Franz Mesmer (1734-1835) who theorized Animal Magnetism - The presence of energetic transference between all objects & used it as a treatment for over 3000 patients each day. This theory laid the foundation of a practice we today know as HYPNOSIS.

  7. The word mesmerize was coined by Franz Anton Mesmer for his (false) theory of animal magnetism.

  8. The word "mesmerize" comes from Franz Mesmer, credited as being one of the fathers of modern day hypnosis and psychotherapy

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The term "animal magnetism" was coined by Franz Mesmer to refer to a 'magnetic fluid' in the human body which could be used to magically heal ailments. The term was later replaced by "mesmerism". - source

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The word "mesmerise" comes from an Austrian doctor named Franz Anton Mesmer who theorised that all diseases were caused by improper magnetic forces, which paved the way for hypnosis.

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Mesmerize" comes from French mesmérisme, named for Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815), an Austrian physician who developed a theory of animal magnetism and a mysterious body fluid which allows one person to hypnotize another

The word 'mesmerise' has its origin in the name of a 18th century physician, Franz Anton Mesmer who treated patients with a force he termed "animal magnetism", that is, hypnotism.

The word mesmerize refers to Franz Mesmer, a healer from Vienna, whose theories revolved around a common fluid among all animate and inanimate objects. Benjamin Franklin was appointed by King Louis XVI to investigate his claims.

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