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Duns Scotus, the man who convinced the world of Mary's Immaculate Conception, was also the origin of the word "Dunce." Followers of his views were considered so annoying, that the term stuck for another 800 years.

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The renowned philosopher John Duns Scotus was reported to have been buried alive. Upon reopening of his tomb, his corpse was allegedly found outside of his coffin with his hands torn and bloody after attempting to escape.

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  1. The term "dunce" comes from a medieval friar named John Duns Scotus. After he died, he had followers who argued for scholastic methods of learning, but they were instead ridiculed for being incapable of learning.

  2. The word 'dunce' began as a pejorative term applied to followers of Duns Scotus, one of the greatest thinkers of the Middle Ages

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