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The football huddle was invented at Gallaudet University, an all-deaf school, to prevent opposing teams from seeing their signs.

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The huddle in American football was invented by a team of deaf players to hide their sign language from opposing teams

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  1. The football huddle was invented during the 1890’s by the quarterback of the all deaf Gallaudet College football team so that the players from the opposing teams wouldn’t be able to read the plays as they were signing them to each other.

  2. Quarterback Paul D. Hubbard invented the huddle to keep the other team from reading his hand signals.

  3. Paul D. Hubbard was a deaf American football player who invented the huddle to communicate without opponents interpreting him

  4. The American Football huddle originated at Gallaudet University, which is a federally-chartered private institution for deaf students, when the team noticed that their opponents were trying to see and read their signs in order to try to guess their plays.

  5. The circular football huddle was created by a deaf university (Gallaudet University)

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