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Helping people in poor neighborhoods plant flowers and spruce up empty lots can reduce crime. One experiment in Flint, MI reduced crime by over 50% in the neighborhood

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There are 3000 cities with worse lead levels in their water supply than Flint, MI

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  1. Fetal death rates in Flint, MI have increased 58% due to unresolved water issues.

  2. Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Mark Wahlberg, Eminem, and Wz Khalifa together donated a million bottles of water to Flint, MI.

  3. Not only did Flint, MI keep quiet about their toxic lead pipes leeching into the water but also the deadly Legionnaires' disease that quickly spread after putting in different pipes

  4. None of the people responsible for the Flint, MI water crisis have gone to jail, and many have recently had manslaughter charges dropped.

  5. The Godfather of Soul, James Brown, dropped performances in Flint, MI to return to Augusta, GA in 1970 and end three days of violent riots by speaking with the rioters in the streets.

  6. Late drummer of "The Who" Keith Moon celebrated his 21st birthday in a Flint, MI Holiday Inn. He proceeded to drive a car into the hotel swimming pool, as well as accidentally slipping on birthday cake and knocking out his front teeth.

  7. An article titled "This is America's Most Apocalyptic, Violent City — And You've Probably Never Heard Of It" was published in 2013. It was about Flint, MI, and featured photos that were not of Flint (one was of an Israeli city). It was written by Laura Dimon, the daughter of JPMorgan's CEO.

  8. In 1976, 100% of children in the US had blood lead levels >5 micrograms/dL. Back then, anything less than 25 was considered safe. Today, investigations are conducted if relatively tiny amounts of >5 are found. Fears of Flint, MI kids being “poisoned” at >5 may unfairly stigmatize them.

  9. Flint, MI has a councilman named Eric Mays who has been charged with a DUI, disorderly conduct at a council meeting because he wouldn't stop talking, and most recently pawning his city issued laptop several times. This happened while he was on City Council and he is still on it today.

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In 2014, Detroit only had the 3rd highest murder rate in the US. It was beat out by Flint, MI which had the 2nd highest murder rate and Camden, NJ which had the highest murder rate.

Flint, MI missed it's January 1,2020 deadline for lead free pipes. - source

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