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For 256 years, Irish beer company Guinness used fish bladders to filter their iconic Dark Stout. In late 2015, the company agreed to change this centuries-old tradition to accommodate vegans.

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Guinness is not suitable for vegetarians as it could contain trace amounts of fish bladders.

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  1. Overfeeding fish can cause constipation and cause 'Swim Bladder Disease' - fish turn upside down thus creating 'false death'

  2. Blobfish does not have a swim bladder like other fish because it would collapse in the atmosphere of huge pressure and result in bursting of the body.

  3. Despite their specific body shape, seahorses have gills, swim bladder and fins, just like all other fish.

  4. Many beers are not vegan because they use fish bladders to accelerate processing.

  5. Unlike other species of fish, bowfin uses gas-bladder to maintain buoyancy and to facilitate breathing of the fresh air (to compensate lack of oxygen in the water). Bowfin intensifies breathing of fresh air at the water temperature of 19 to 29 degrees of Celsius.

  6. Bowfin is often classified as primitive fish due to rounded tail, bony structure on the ventral side of the mouth (called gular plate) and vascularized air-bladder. These anatomical features are not typical for modern types of fish.

  7. Remora does not have swimming bladder. It uses sucking disk to attach itself to the body of other fish or marine creatures and to travel in the ocean. This technique also ensures swift movement of water through the gills that is vital for the normal breathing.

  8. Before rubber, people used to use fish bladders and sheep intestines as condoms

  9. Fish bladders are used in the filtration process to make Guinness beer.

  10. The Pacific Spiny Lumpsucker is a tiny fish that has no swim bladder. Instead, it uses deposits of subcutaneous jelly to stay afloat.

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Guiness beer is not vegan because it uses fish swim bladders in the production process.

The vaquita, a critically endangered porpoise native to Mexico, is likely to disappear in 5 years, due to illegal fishing for fish that is itself critically endangered because of demand from traditional Chinese medicine for the fish's swim bladder - source

Transformation of larvae into juvenile fish (metamorphosis) starts couple of days after hatching. Body starts to flatten, dorsal and anal fins become more elongated and young flounder loses its swimming bladder (it provides buoyancy required for active swimming). Either left of right eye migrates toward the top of the head. Side of the body where eyes are located becomes darker colored and represents top of the fish. Other side starts to fade and becomes bottom part of the body.

Not all wine is vegan friendly. Milk protein, egg whites, animal protein and fish bladder protein are used as fining agents to clarified the wine.

Not all wine is vegan because of isinglass, a refining agent made of fish bladders - source

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The vaquita, a critically endangerEd porpoise species native to the northern Gulf of California, Mexico, is likely to disappear in 5 years, due to illegal fishing for fish that is itself critically endangered because of demand from traditional Chinese medicine for its swim bladder

How do fish bladders work?

Guinness has fish bladder in it, so it's not vegan

One of the first condiment ingredients included shark bladder, mullet intestines, and yellow fish stomach. Hundreds of ingredient choices later, tomatoes (with red dye) became the norm. Today 97% of Americans have a bottle of ketchup in their household.

Fish 'fart' to maintain optimal distance in a school and that you can identify different kinds of fish based these swim bladder releases. And that the Swedish foreign minister actually thinks these noises are Russian subs.

Beer is commonly made using the swim bladder of a fish as one of the ingredients.

Guinness is filtered through fish bladders and for the first time the stout will be fish bladder free next year as vegans have requested.

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Swim bladders make fish float - a swim bladder stores gases that allow many fish to control their buoyancy

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