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Chum' is actually fish bait, which are usually fish guts, parts, fluid, bones and blood. Which is why in SpongeBob, nobody eats 'Chum', because they are non-cannibalistic fish. However, Patrick can eat chum because he's a starfish. Starfish 'feed on dead fish'.

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Beer brewers use fish guts to filter beer, making it a clear color, and a lot of the big breweries incl. Guinness still use it.

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  1. Eels start as leaf-shaped lavae in the ocean, turn into freshwater fish, then return to the sea, disolve their guts, and swim 6,000km to spawning grounds without eating. Their actual mating remains unobserved.

  2. The word “ketchup” didn’t overtake the word “catsup” until nearly 1980. Ketchup was originally a traditional Cantonese paste made from fermented fish guts, and didn’t include tomatoes until the early 1800s.

  3. Fish can be cleaned without scaling or gutting and it only takes 30 seconds by filleting

  4. A fish can be gutted and beheaded for 40+ minutes and still move like its alive

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