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The Bone Wars was a spectacularly dirty, competitive period of fossil hunting, marked by a bitter, destructive rivalry between 2 collectors who used nefarious means to outdo each other incl. spying, bribery & theft. Both were financially & socially ruined by their attempts to disgrace the other.

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A "white elephant gift exchange" takes its name from the legend of the King of Siam gifting rare albino elephants to those who displeased him because the upkeep costs would financially ruin them.

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  1. The concept of a "white elephant" came from the King of Siam, where he gifted an albino elephant to people who displeased him; knowing that they couldn't get rid of it and that the upkeep cost would ruin them financially

  2. In 1720, stock speculation caused the value of shares for the South Sea Company to jump from£128 in January to £1000 in August. When the bubble burst, it financially ruined their investors. One investor, Sir Isaac Newton lost £20,000, equivalent to about £268 million in present day value.

  3. Vladimir Pokhilko, the co-creator of Tetris. A Russian academic and clinical psychologist, he helped shaped the final version of the game with Alexey Pajitnov. He was in financial ruin later in life and killed his family and himself in 1998.

  4. The white elephant gift exchange's name is derived from a revenge tactic the King of Siam used to financially ruin those that displeased him.

  5. John Malkovich was financially ruined by Bernie Madoff

  6. Independent Scotland's only attempt to form a colony in the New World. Their failure to establish a New Caledonia in Panama led to financial ruin and eventual union with England, creating the UK in 1707.

  7. Chang and Eng Bunker, the most famous case of "Siamese Twins" and first Asian-American US citizens, owned a large North Carolina slave plantation and were financially ruined by the South's defeat in the Civil War.

  8. In 1787 Marie Antoinette was given the nickname Madame Deficit because many blamed her for the financial ruin of France.

  9. The British Columbia Parliament Buildings were designed by a 25 year old architect. His reign as British Columbia’s most exalted architect ended with a return to England in 1929, where his career collapsed in the shadow of marital scandal, financial ruin and, finally, death by murder

  10. Sherman Hemsley invested millions into movie "Ghost Fever" when "The Jeffersons" was cancelled in hopes of movie stardom. It bombed & led to his financial ruin.

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The guy who does the Jack In The Box voice also invented the Energizer bunny. He also saved Jack In The Box from near financial ruin when their burgers killed 4 people in 1993.

"The Joy of Cooking" was written by Irma S. Rombauer at the encouragement of her children, to help her overcome the emotional and financial ruin of her husband's suicide. The first edition was privately published by a label print shop using half of the $6000 Rombauer was left with. - source

A cat saved a struggling Japanese train station from financial ruin. - source

Via Bill Gates: the inventor of the diesel engine, Rudolph Diesel, allegedly took his own life because he was in financial ruin.

During the filming of "Apocalypse Now," Martin Sheen had a heart attack, and Francis Coppola suffered an epileptic seizure and threatened to kill himself on three separate occasions as he faced financial ruin if the movie wasn't completed. - source

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A Canadian independent filmmaker tried to make a comedy documentary about an ordinary guy going to the Playboy Mansion and meeting Hugh Hefner. Playboy ignored him and his unsuccessful film led to financial ruin, fraud charges for trying to trick investors, and jail time

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BMW was saved from financial ruin with a model using a 700cc engine: BMW 700

Scotland was a fully independent and sovereign kingdom until it's expedition attempts to the New World were decimated when over half its explorers died from mosquito-borne illness. The financial ruin drove the Scottish to at last accept a unification offer with England.

The inventor of F.M. Radio and major contributor to A.M. radio, committed suicide after a life that saw Big Business of the time ruin him financially and thus personally.

A Canadian independent filmmaker tried to make a comedy documentary about an ordinary guy going to the Playboy Mansion and meeting Hugh Hefner. Playboy turned him down and his unsuccessful film led to financial ruin, fraud charges for trying to trick investors, and jail time

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