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A Chinese art collector paid for a $170m painting with his American Express credit card. He said he'll use the points to allow his family to travel for life.

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An art collector once kept a statue of Buddha in his home unaware that inside was a 1,000-year-old mummified monk.

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  1. In 2005 an art collector had Christie’s and Sotheby’s auction houses play Rock Paper Scissors to decide who got to sell his twenty million dollar collection.

  2. A Japanese art collector asked auction houses Christie's and Southebie's to play Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who will sell his art collection. Christie's won, sold the collection for $20 million, and earned millions of dollars in commission.

  3. One theory states that a Greek art collector named Lausus moved the statue to Constantinople. It became part of his private collection. In 475 A.D. a fire swept through Constantinople and the statue was destroyed.

  4. Forrest Fenn, a successful art collector who buried a bronze chest filled with two million dollars worth of treasure (gold nuggets, gold coins, gemstones, etc.) somewhere in the rocky mountains as his legacy.

  5. A Japanese collector wanted to sell his 20 million dollar collection of art. Both Christie's and Sotheby's were competing to conduct the auction. The seller required the firms to play rock, paper, scissors to determine a winner.

  6. An art collector made Sothebys and Christie's auction houses fight each other rock paper scissors to decide which got to auction $20M of paintings

  7. There is a chest containing approximately $2,000,000 in gold buried by a millionaire art collector somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, which tens of thousands of people have unsuccessfully tried to find using a set of clues from his memoir.

  8. Actor Vincent Price was an avid collector of shaft tomb figures from West Mexico (Jalisco, Nayarit, Colima) as well as other pre-Columbian art.

  9. A millionaire art collector hid a treasure box filled with gold, precious jewels, and ancient artifacts worth more than a million dollars in the Rocky Mountains and left clues to its location in a poem that he wrote.

  10. "recording artist" Mingering Mike, who has over 150 records, all in an edition of one, and all made of cardboard, yet they are now highly sought out by record (and art) collectors.

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Herbert and Dorothy Vogel were the largest private collectors of minimalist art, and needed 5 full size moving vans to move the majority of their collection to Washington's National Gallery of Art

William "Kitty" Courtenay, 9th Earl of Devon, was the only boy out of his parents' 14 children and attracted infamy for a homosexual affair with art collector William Beckford from boyhood when it was discovered and publicized by his uncle. - source

An art collector paid $20,000 to 'participate' in a work of art that consisted of him having sex with the artist on video for an hour - source

The foundation of chemist and art collector Albert C. Barnes is worth significantly more than the Rockefeller ($3.5 billion) and Carnegie ($3 billion) foundations combined -- at aprox. $25 billion worth

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