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Males may have evolved facial features specifically designed to take a punch. Researchers found that facial bones commonly broken during a fight grew more resilient as time progressed and were the same bones that showed the most divergence between males and females.

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Babe Ruth's nickname growing up was Niggerlips because he was darker and had more prominent facial features than his classmates

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  1. In crime-infested Ciudad Juarez Mexico a city bordering Texas. A forensic expert Alejandro Hernandez uses a secret technique that he created, to rehydrate murdered mummified bodies making it easier to identify fingerprints and facial features from victims left to rot in the desert.

  2. Mouth-breathing can cause weak jaw development, crooked teeth and other unattractive facial features. It literally makes you ugly!

  3. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder can be recognized on people of all ages by examining several distinct facial features, such as a "smooth philtrum" (AKA lack of groove between nose & lip)

  4. Pablo Picasso's 1932 painting "La Lecture" depicts Picasso's mistress asleep with a book upon her lap. The painting led to the breakup of Picasso's marriage after his wife saw it at an exhibition and realized that the facial features (though highly stylized) were not her own.

  5. Each individual Terracotta Warrior had unique facial features

  6. Sylvester Stallone's iconic facial features, especially around the mouth area, is due to the fact that he was born at the hands of an intern because they couldn't afford a real doctor. The intern accidentally paralyzed the motor nerves on the left side of his face, and took 4 years to recover.

  7. There was a movie filmed over the course of ten years which featured over 100 untrained lions and injured 70 actors. One attack required facial reconstruction and is featured in the film.

  8. A Dutch scientist created an A.I. Program that studied all of Rembrandt's paintings and created an "original" piece based off the characteristics of the facial features.

  9. L.A. Noire - a neo-noir detective game - features a script that is 2,200 pages long, resulting in approximately 22 hours of continuous recording. Aaron Staton (the main protagonist's voice actor) cumulatively worked 18 months just on voice-over and facial motion capture for his character.

  10. Down Syndrome was once referred to as "Mongolism" or "Mongolian idiocy" after the physician first studied the disorder (John Langdon Down) described those who suffered from it as having "Mongolian" facial features. Unsurprisingly, use of the term has since been abandoned.

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The expression “stuck-up” comes from 18th century physiognomy, where people tried to judge your moral character based solely on your facial features. A nose bending slightly upwards was read as having a disdainful, self-important attitude.

The original mask used for Michael Myers in "Halloween" was that of William Shatner (Captain Kirk from Star Trek). The Capt. Kirk mask was chosen due to it's appearance of having no real facial features that could be easily made out. - source

The 'Cheerleader Effect' (aka the 'Bridesmaids Paradox' or 'Sorority Girl Syndrome'), which theorizes that girls look more attractive in groups, has some truth to it. When we visually take in a group of people we average facial features. - source

The Shah’s harem during the Qajar's dynasty (in Persia), aimed to render their features more masculine by joining their eyebrows together and growing facial hair.

When choosing potential mates, people who have little to no unusual or mutant facial features are generally preferred over those with unique features. - source

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Mouth-breathing can cause weak jaw development, crooked teeth and other unattractive facial features.

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There was a Swedish actor named Warner Oland who, because of his vaguely Asian facial features, played a great variety of roles from Cesare Borgia to Fu Manchu to King David.

About Prosopagnosia AKA Face Blindness where you can't distinguish facial features.

The word "coconut" comes from the Spanish and Portuguese word "coco" ("skull"), because the three round marks on the coconut shell resemble facial features.

Up to 2.5% of the general population may suffer from developmental prosopagnosia. Also known as face blindness, this disorder impairs a sufferer's ability to recognise, remember, or recall someone they know, by examining their facial features.

There was a chimpanzee named Oliver who was thought to be the missing link between chimps and humans due to his tendency to walk upright and human-like facial features.

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A study claims to have revealed a correlation between facial features and likelihood of having a one-night stand vs. long-term relationships in both sexes

Children as young as three are able to recognize the same 'cute' infantile facial features (a set of traits known as the 'baby schema') across different species. They also find images of adult dog faces cuter than both adult cats and human faces.

Jack Dempsey is a species of cichlid whose common name refers to its aggressive nature and strong facial features, likened to that of the famous 1920s boxer Jack Dempsey.

Your facial features, such as your nose, are shaped based on the climate of your ancestors

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Disney's Aladdin and his facial features were modelled after Tom Cruise.

Both East Asians and Caucasians are more easily identifiable by facial features than [other ethnic groups] (wonderful face map of the world included)

Facial Features Predict IQ In Men: Long Face And Wide-Set Eyes Make Men Look Smart, But Not Women

Google Play Movies & TV has facial recognition feature when paused allowing you to get extra information of the actors currently on the screen.

The Terra-cotta Warriors in China were discovered in 1974. There are over 8000 clay statues of soldiers, each with different facial features.

Best ways to trim men's beard.A beard shape that offsets or accentuates your facial features will help create a look that's both masculine and mature.Once you've decided on a suitable style, you can maintain it by keeping it trimmed.

Chimpanzees recognize each other's butts in the same way that humans recognize each other's facial features. Researchers believe they've evolved this way due to their proximity to rumps when walking in groups.

In 1911, Imogene Rechtin led a campaign against kissing. Her followers wore buttons that read, “Kiss Not.” One newspaper at the time remarked, “Judging by the facial features of the presidentess of the cult appearing in the public prints, she is immune without wearing the button.”

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