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Gravity moves at the Speed of Light and is not Instantaneous. If the Sun were to disappear, we would continue our elliptical orbit for an additional 8 minutes and 20 seconds, the same time it would take us to stop seeing the light (according to General Relativity).

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One day Isaac Newton was asked by his colleagues why planets' orbits are elliptical. He couldn't answer so he went home and started thinking about it. A while later he invented differential and integral calculus, which he then used to answer the question.

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gravitational force is greater for a satellite in elliptical orbit when it is at the?

  1. When Isaac Newton was asked why the planet's orbits are elliptical he wasn't sure, but went home to think about it. He then "invented" differential and integral calculus to explain why. He then turned 26...

  2. Because Pluto’s orbit is so elliptical, it is actually closer to the sun than Neptune for 20 years every 248 years

  3. Tesla's space travelling Roadster passed Mars, Mercury and Venus in 2018. It's estimated that the Roadster will continue in its elliptical orbit until coming close enough to Earth in 2091 to be seeable by a telescope. It might then crash into Earth millions of years in the future.

  4. Pluto has an orbit around the Sun that is like a giant oval (we call this elliptical). It travels at an average speed of 10,444 mph (16,809 km/h).

  5. In 1913 he improved on Niels Bohr's theory of atomic structure by introducing elliptical orbits.

  6. The orbit of Halley's Comet is known as an elliptical orbit because of the shape it forms.

  7. The Earth has a second moon called 2016 Ho3. Essentially a large asteroid, it orbits the Earth non elliptically but has the most stable orbit of Earths " other moons".

  8. The sun is rarely at its highest point during noon due to the elliptical orbit of the earth. This difference can be up to 16 minutes

  9. The Strasbourg Astronomical Clock made by Jean-Baptiste Schwilgue. It can take into account the anomalies due to the Earth's tilt and orbit as well as the moon's elliptical path and computes the date for Easter based on complex Gregorian calculations, all in a mechanical manner.

  10. Zecharia Sitchin proposed the hypothetical planet of Nibiru to be in an elongated, elliptical orbit in the Earth's own Solar System.

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The Lightning orbit, a highly elliptical orbit used by the Soviet Union for its namesake communications satellites.

Pluto was closer to the Sun than Neptune between 7 February 1979, and 11 February 1999 due to its elliptical orbit. - source

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