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In the 9th century Chinese alchemists in search of the elixir of life created a mixture of saltpeter, sulfur, and charcoal. Ironically, short of a path to immortality, they had discovered gunpowder.

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110-year-old Reg Dean whose family attributed his long life to someone in India before WW1 who gave him a muddy elixir and told him "drink this and you'll live til at least 100".

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  1. Ancient Chinese alchemist believed to have created elixir of life consists of harmful substance such as mercury.

  2. Qin Shi Huang of Qin Dynasty sent Xu Fu along with 3000 boys and girls to the eastern seas to look for the elixir of life, but he never returned. Some theorized that he landed in Japan.

  3. Ancient Chinese alchemists during 850 A.D. were trying to find the elixir of life and instead created gunpowder.

  4. Australian man's miracle blood has saved 2 million lives - In Mr Harrison's blood doctors found a rare blood type that carried rhesus-negative cells which had never been seen before - Considered an "irreplaceable" national hero, Mr Harrison has donated his life-saving elixir more than 1000 times

  5. The discoverers of gunpowder were actually trying to create a life-lengthening elixir with the formula. Ironically, what they created ended millions of lives instead of lengthening them.

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