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Tennessee Aquarium in the United States is home to an electric eel that uses its electrical discharges to post from its own Twitter account when it emits electricity at a high enough threshold.

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There is an electric eel in a tennessee aquarium and the aquarium is hooked up to a computer that sends out a tweet from the electric eels twitter account whenever it discharges a high enough amount of electricity.

What electric eels live?

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what electric eels eat?

  1. There is an electric eel named Miguel Wattson in Tennessee Aquarium that sends pre-written tweets (@EelectricMiguel) whenever it emits electricity at a certain threshold.

  2. Tennessee Aquarium has a twitter acount that sends out tweets powered by an electric eel

  3. Electric eels are not actually true eels at all and are more closely related to catfish.

  4. The three organs that give electric eels the ability to generate electricity take up four fifths of its body. They can also control their victim's nervous system and muscles via electrical pulses, so they can keep prey from escaping or force it to move so they can locate its position

  5. Electric eels are not technically eels, but are actually a species of nearly scaleless knife fish.

  6. There is an Electric Eel at the Tennessee Aquarium that is hooked up to a computer which sends Tweets from its account every time the Eel's discharge reaches the electricity threshold. Most of Miguel Wattson's tweets are onomatopoetic sounds related to electricity.

  7. They live in shallow, muddy water and come to the surface every 10 minutes because they breathe atmospheric air.

  8. Since eels have poor eyesight, they generate low-level electric charge (up to 10 volts) that helps them see their surrounding and locate a prey.

  9. Electric eels can reach 8 feet in length and weigh up to 44 pounds.

  10. There are more than 1000 species of fish living in the Orinoco River. These species include the piranha, electric eel, and a species of catfish called the Laulao which can reach upwards of 200 pounds.

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What is an electric eel?

Why electric eel does not shock itself?

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Electric eel has around 6000 cells (known as electrocyte) that produce electricity. They can generate a power of 600 volts, which is 5 time stronger than the electricity generated in the standard US wall socket.

An electric eel, which lives in the ocean, could power 10 light bulbs with its electricity.

The Tennessee Aquarium has an electric eel named Miguel Wattson who can tweet from his tank by releasing electricity - source

Man can die if an eel hits him with several electric shocks. Luckily, humans don"t come in contact with eels often.

Electric eels are solitary animals (live on their own). Group of eels is called swarm.

When were electric eels discovered?

Although they are called eels, they are more closely related to the catfish than to the common eels.

How electric eel produce electricity?

Electricity-producing organ takes 80% of their body. It is used both for defense against predators and for stunning of the prey.

There's an Electric Eel named Miguel Wattson at the Tennessee Aquarium that tweets automatically whenever there's a spike in his electrical activity, posting from a preset collection of tweets by his carers.

20 foot long eel can produce enough electricity to light 12 light bulbs.

Mating is happening during dry season. Male uses saliva to make a nest for eggs. Female can lay up to 17000 eggs. Both parents take care of their young.

When was the electric eel discovered?

Newly hatched eels eat small invertebrates but they also search nests of other eels and steal their eggs.

Electric eels are not actually eels, but a specific kind of knifefish.

Electric eel lives around 15 years in the wild and up to 22 years in captivity.

They are carnivores (meat-eaters) that eat other fish, amphibians, birds and small mammals.

Electric eels eventually go blind due to exposure to their own shocks.

How electric eels make electricity?

Electric eel can produce electric shock strong enough to knock down a horse.

The Aqua Toto Gifu Aquarium in Japan uses an electric eel to power its Christmas tree.

Their long and cylindrical body can be white, black, blue, purple or grey in color.

An electrical eel named Miguel Wattson uses his electrical discharges to tweet from his own Twitter account

Scientist's still do not know how fish like electric eels shock prey from their bodies without shocking themselves.

When an eel is threatened, it will leap out of the water and slither up against its attacker, using the increasing resistance of its propulsion to generate more electricity to cause even more damage.

Not only can the Electric Eel shock its prey, but it can also "control their mind", immobilizing them or making them reveal their position using electricity.

Electric eels, in addition to stunning their prey, can remote control other fish's nervous systems by sending out a pair of pulses, or "doublets". These electrical pulses force prey in hiding to spasm and reveal themselves.

Electric eels can remotely control their prey

The electric eel has three pairs of abdominal organs the produce electricity. These make up 4/5 of its body mass.

Electric Eels Can Leap From Water to Attack.

Marlin Brando planned to acquire thousands of electric eels, from which he would harness energy to power the needs of his daily life.

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