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Edward Norton's first film role ever earned him an Oscar nomination. He is also a Yale graduate that never went to an acting school.

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Kratos from 'God Of War' is based on Edward Norton in 'American History X' where he plays a nazi

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  1. Edward Norton is a prolific philanthropist, being president of the American Branch of the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, a UN Goodwill Ambassador, member of Enterprise Community Partners, founding CrowdRise to raise funds for charity, and chairman of the board to Signature Theatre.

  2. Mike Philips, a disabled man who uses a computer to talk, told journalists interviewing him he wished his e-mails to them could be read by Johnny Depp or Edward Norton because "they are both badasses"; so Johnny Depp narrated Philips e-mails after Edward Norton said no

  3. In the move Fight Club, Brad Pitt's reaction to getting punched in the ear by Edward Norton was real. Norton was instructed by the director to hit him in the ear instead of the shoulder last minute, to get a more genuine reaction.

  4. When pledges were being made to stop oil drilling in the park after the 2007 Yasuni-ITT Initiative was launched several celebrities and public figures pledged support including Leonardo DiCaprio, Al Gore, Edward Norton, and Michael Charles Tobias.

  5. Edward Norton founded a for-profit fundraiser called Crowdrise that skims from donations toward non-profit charities

  6. The director of American History X, Tony Kaye, wanted his name removed from the credits because he didn't like the final cut. Edward Norton helped with the cut because it was taking Tony so long to do.

  7. In 1999 David Fincher directed the Hollywood movie version of Fight Club. The movie starred Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. The movie became a cult classic.

  8. Edward Norton passed down a role in Saving Private Ryan to play the main role in American History X.

  9. Edward Norton actually punched Brad Pitt in the ear during his character’s first fight with Tyler Durden

  10. Edward Norton saved Leonardo DiCaprio's life

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Matt Damon and Edward Norton successfully cheated in a poker game held by the Weinsteins using the skills they learned doing research for 'Rounders'

Edward Norton actually punched Brad Pitt in the ear for his character’s first fight with Tyler Durden - source

Leonardo DiCaprio almost died in the Galapagos and had to be saved by Edward Norton - source

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