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The MUI, or Men's Underwear Index, an unconventional economic indicator championed by former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan. It measures how well the economy is doing based on the sales of men’s underwear.

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Industrial inorganic chemistry, or the application of inorganic compound synthesis for industry, has strong ties to the economy of any given country. The country's ability to produce certain inorganic compounds, like aluminum sulfate and ammonium nitrate, have been found to be a direct indication of the country's economic status.

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  1. The Hot Waitress Economic Index can be a leading indicator of economic recovery if waitresses get noticeably uglier.

  2. Hemline index. Suggests that hemlines on women's dresses rise along with stock prices. Non-peer-reviewed research in 2010 indicate "the economic cycles leads the hemline with about three years."

  3. The lipstick index,coined by L. Lauder describes increased sales of cosmetics during early 2000s recession. Lauder made the claim that lipstick sales could be an economic indicator correlated to economic health, substituting lipstick for more expensive purchases in times of economic distress.

  4. There exists a "garbage economic indicator" that tracks the amount of waste carried presented by the American Association of Railroads

  5. There is a tongue-in-cheek economic indicator called Christmas Price Index which tracks the cost of all the gifts in the "Twelve Days of Christmas" carol. Last year the combined cost of all the gifts from the Partridge to the twelve drummers was $34,363.49.

  6. A UC Davis study indicates that regardless of where in the world you live, US, UK, Sweden, India, etc, the greatest predictor of economic status in society is your last name, with potentially up to 60% of the outcome of your overall rank in society being determined at your conception.

  7. Bhutan has rejected GDP as a an indicator of economic progress, and instead measures GNH - Gross National Happiness - to measure the development of the country

  8. An economic indicator that has predicted every major recession since the 1960s is sending another warning. It’s called the U.S. Treasury yield curve and, when inverted, is considered to be the most reliable indicator of an upcoming recession.

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economic indicator fact data chart about Socio-Economic indicators for Catholics vs. Protestants in I
Socio-Economic indicators for Catholics vs. Protestants in Ireland in 1911 (Illiteracy and Child-Mortality rates)

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