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Fish that can be found in Bass Strait include barber perch, butterfly perch, wrasse, mado sweep, drummer, half-banded perch, and white ears, as well as crayfish and sponges and tunicates.

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In 1967 The Who's Pete Townshend went deaf in one ear becasue drummer Keith Moon's drum kit exploded a little too soon

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  1. The Who guitarist Pete Townshend was completely deafened in one ear after his drummer Keith Moon put dynamite in the bass drum of his drum set and set it off on stage.

  2. The rap duo Rae Sremmurd got their name from Mike Will Made It's record label 'Ear Drummers', which they spelled backwards.

  3. Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has tinnitus so loud that he would often get up in the middle of the night to turn the TV off not realizing the noise he was hearing wasn't coming from the TV, but the ringing in his ears.

  4. On The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, The Who's drummer, Keith Moon, had extra charges added into his bass drum for the explosion at the end of the song "My Generation" without telling his band mates. Pete Townshend claims to have gone deaf in his right ear.

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