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Louis C.K. had to learn english when he came from Mexico and has dual Mexican-American citizenship.

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There is a disputed island located on the Atlantic coast of North America that is claimed by both Canada and the United States. Since both Canada and the United States claim sovereignty, anyone born there can claim dual citizenship.

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  1. The Rock holds dual citizenship in US and Canada. Rocky Johnson (The Rock's father) was born in Nova Scotia. He is descendant of Black Loyalists, who escaped a southern plantation after the American Revolutionary War and emigrated to Nova Scotia, Canada.

  2. Ted Cruz held dual citizenship between Canada and the United States until 2014 when he renounced his Canadian citizenship.

  3. US Soccer Player Christian Pulisic has dual US/Croatian citizenship, and turned down a spot on Croatia's National Team two years ago to instead play for the US.

  4. The Indian state of Goa was ruled by Portugal for hundreds of years, seceding to India in the 1970s. As a result, a large number of people there still speak Portugese, and are entitled to dual Portugese citizenship.

  5. The 10 richest people in the UK, only four have British citizenship and two of them are dual citizens.

  6. the best dual citizenship for travel is Hong Kong and United Arab Emirates.

  7. Boxer and rapper Roy Jones Jr holds dual American and Russian citizenship.

  8. Ukraine does not allow dual citizenship but does allow triple citizenship

  9. TIL Japan's Nationality Law says all dual nationals must choose to be either Japanese or foreign at 22. Those who continue to hold dual nationality risk losing their Japanese citizenship. That threat has never been carried out and it is estimated that 700,000 people are flouting the law

  10. In 2017 there was a Australian constitutional crisis where it was ruled that individuals with Dual citizenship were not allowed to be a government official.

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China does not recognize dual nationality for Chinese citizens. A Chinese citizen who acquires foreign citizenship of his own free will automatically lose Chinese citizenship

A person born on Machias Seal Island has an automatic claim to dual US-Canadian citizenship - source

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