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Canada and the United States are the only two advanced countries to offer unconditional birthright citizenship.

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The Supreme Court ruled in 1898 there are only three exceptions to birthright citizenship under the 14th Amendment: Those born from foreign leaders or diplomats, on foreign public ships, and from hostile enemy forces occupying US territory.

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  1. Most countries in the world do not give birthright citizenship.

  2. No European country grants unconditional birthright citizenship anymore.

  3. Most provisions of the US Constitution do not apply to Puerto Rico, and Puerto Ricans are only US citizens because Congress passed a law giving them birthright citizenship

  4. Unlike the US, no European country offers birthright citizenship.

  5. The Supreme Court has never explicitly ruled on whether children born in the United States to illegal immigrant parents are entitled to birthright citizenship via the 14th Amendment.

  6. The 14th Amendment does not guarantee birthright citizenship in the USA

  7. Birthright Citizenship is a entirely a New-World concept.

  8. American Samoans are not granted birthright citizenship and are classified as 'noncitizen nationals'.

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