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In a blind test taste Pepsi activated more dopamine receptors than Coca-Cola. However once participants were told they were drinking Coke, it then became the greater dopamine producing beverage over Pepsi -- even when lied to. Most likely it was Coke's marketing that was responsible.

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Up to a BAC of about 0.06%, alcohol is a stimulant. If you reach this level and keep drinking, it begins to act as a depressant. This phenomenon is called a biphasic response and it's why many people experience a happy buzz when they first start to drink, but later become agitated

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  1. About Dr John L. Leal, the man responsible for popularizing chlorine in our drinking water, and saving countless lives by doing so

  2. As a response to a theory alleging Joan of Arc's visions was caused by bovine tuberculosis, a historian wrote that if drinking unpasteurized milk could produce such potential benefits for the nation, then the French government should stop mandating the pasteurization of milk.

  3. Al Capone was responsible for expiration dates on milk, which he started, after a relative got sick after drinking spoiled milk

  4. The Code of Responsible Practices (which, among other things, requires alcohol companies to use the “please drink responsibly” phrase in commercials) is completely voluntary

  5. Bearberry blooms from May to June and attracts bumblebees, responsible for the pollination of this plant. Hummingbirds also visit flowers of bearberry to drink nectar.

  6. Grace Slick was once eating bread, drinking wine and reading poetry when she was approached by a police officer asking what she was doing; her response was so sarcastic that she was arrested and imprisoned.

  7. In Fast & Furious 6 when Ludacris spits his drink it is unscripted and is due to an improved response from The Rock to Tyrese.

  8. Russell Crowe tried to teach Ed Sheeran how to drink responsibly

  9. French Newspaper Charlie Hebdo's response to the 2015 Paris Attacks was a cartoon of a happy man holding a bottle in one hand and drinking from a glass in the other, while champagne spouts from his bullet-riddled body

  10. San Francisco is responsible for drinking 35% of all the Fernet imported into the US

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