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In 1984, Ridley Scott directed what is considered the greatest Super Bowl ad of all time. Apple’s ad, with a female heroine, played on people’s fears by likening its rival, IBM, to an Orwellian Big Brother. Apple's new technology, they said, would be used for freedom not control

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In the late 60's David Bowie was in an Ice Cream commercial directed By Ridley Scott

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  1. The famous Hovis bread advert was directed by Sir Ridley Scott.

  2. There was a proposed film adaptation of Monopoly, with Ridley Scott attached to direct

  3. In 1988 Japanese actor Yusaku Matsuda starring as villain Sato in the film Black Rain (directed by Ridley Scott) was diagnosed with bladder cancer before shooting began. Matsuda refused chemotherapy, as he thought it would affect his ability to act. He died on November 6 at the age of 40.

  4. George Lucas asked David Lynch to direct Return of the Jedi. Lynch declined and subsequently directed Dune, replacing Ridley Scott following his brother's death. Instead of Dune, Scott directed Blade Runner, which he had previously declined.

  5. Apple launched the Macintosh computer in 1984 with a $1.5 million TV commercial directed by Ridley Scott which aired during the 3rd quarter of Super Bowl XVIII on January 22nd, 1984

  6. The Max Headroom New Coke commercials were directed by Ridley Scott, George RR Martin wrote and episode of the show, and Max reemerged one last time in 2007

  7. The 1973 Hovis advert "Boy on the Bike" was directed by Ridley Scott

  8. the song Vide cor meum was used heavily in both Hannibal and Kingdom of Heaven directed by Ridley Scott and in both movies

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